These Nights in Cairo – 100% Achievement Guide

Straight-to-the-point guide to help you get any achievement you may be missing.


Ramessus’s story
Get a bonus root with the pharaoh.

You’re literally gonna be given this just for playing through the game, regardless of the route you take. As long as it doesn’t lead to a bad end where you die.

MC Related / Independent Ends

Sassy Daughter
Argue with the father and hide information from him.

You wanna play the role of zero patience with ole dad. So ya, argue with him, don’t tell him anything. Achievement for this one and the one below should pop up after the tomb scene if you’ve choosen the correct options.

  • Argue with him
  • Don’t tell him about Amin spying
  • In the tomb when you go to *convince* him, get mad at him

Reasonable Daughter
For being straight and keeping calm with your father.

Instead of losing your temper with ole pops, you wanna be as gentle as you can. So yea.. Don’t argue with him and be *understanding* and calm.

  • Keep silent
  • Tell him about amin
  • In the tomb, try to speak softly with him.

Gay Fun
Get “a little adventurous” with the priestess.

This one is really easy, simple avoid Ducan’s route. You can do this while on Amin’s route, but for obvious reasons it could and most likely would mess up your relationship with Amin so just save before doing so.

  • Get straight to business
  • Accept her conditions

The two kings of friendzone…
A good ending without romance.

Another easy one, simply remain neutral with Ducan and Amin. The twist here though is that you sleep with the priestess. You can put one or two points into both of them but you MUST avoid ending up on their route completely, and I definitely recommend sleeping with priestess to secure the end.

Tomb raider
Good ending without romance.

Annoying because I was actually pursuing a different end but whatever, so what you wanna do here is.. I went Amin’s route and ticked everything up until the waterful. I searched for him, but turned back. Rejected the kiss and proceeded to end the game as usual and got it. It’s important to note, I was completely nice to dad.

Without love, but with a dream…
Good ending without romance.

Based off my fail in trying to obtain a different ending than the one I recieved above, I followed the same logic but instead ticked most of Ducan’s route choices UP until the fight he’s having with Amin. Start giving him the cold shoulder. Remain absolutely neutral and complete the game as if you’re on the road to the good route.

Ducan’s Route

Too much of temptation
Get the erotic scene with Ducan.

Mr and Mrs. Adventurers.
Good ending with Ducan

It’s hard to miss the erotic scene if you’re doing Ducan’s route correctly, if you’ve messed up somewhere, she’ll stop the kiss herself

  • Keep Silent
  • Tell Father about the stranger
  • Tell him
  • Accept it
  • Accept it
  • Speaky softly with dad
  • Move away
  • Get on Ducan’s camel
  • Calm Ducan down
  • Let him continue
  • Continue to listen to him

Save 1 (Needed for bad end).

  • Stay in tent
  • Get straight to business
  • Try to persuade her anyway
  • Put on a brave face
  • Wait
  • Rush to Farrukh

And you’re done with Ducan’s route! Now let’s get to his *bad* end. Open up save 1 again.

To fall in love and die
Dead End 5

  • Go out and look around
  • Continue looking around the camp
  • Keep Silent
  • Hide in the tent

I will say that given the nature of this achievement, as well as the thumbnail for it, I’m gonna assume that Ducan’s route is the best way to get it.

Amin’s Route

Prince on a white camel
Good ending with Amin

I’d say be nice with pops just cause we’re going for good ending so, why not? And it’s obvious to not make decisions that please Ducan. Just choose the opposite of Ducan postive decisions until we get to Amin.

  • Keep silent with Ducan anytime you’re given the option
  • Refuse anything Ducan related (sorry pal!)
  • Try to speak softly with Dad
  • Stay in Amin’s embrace (there’s a type and it’ll say “Ducan”)
  • Stay with Amin
  • Take Amin’s side
  • Stay in tent
  • Get straight to business
  • Try to persuade her anyway
  • Don’t hide my feelings
  • Search for Amin
  • Come closer 
  • Kiss him back
  • Rush to Farrukh

Ramessu’s Route

Betray the family for love
Good ending with Ramessu

A New Goddess
Get good ending with the pharaoh (a.k.a “best” ending)

A date in long-forgotten city
Visit Hoot-Ka-Ramessu with the pharaoh.

These endings are extremely easy to get and the only thing that determines which one you end up with is whether or not you’ve been *mean* to your father. I also shouldn’t have to mention this, but obviously avoid Amin and Duncan’s route, remain neutral with them both and no matter if you’re being nice or mean, keep silent about what Amin says to everyone. Furthermore, you’re gonna get the fortgotten city achievement as long as you’re in his route, it’s literally impossible to miss.. Unless you don’t give him your hand.

  • Go out and look around
  • Continue to keep looking around the camp
  • Tell me about your city
  • Talk
  • I miss my home too
  • Talk sincerely
  • Ask Ramessu for help
  • Give him your hand
  • Do not resist him

Alive, but unhappy
Not so good ending with Ramessu.

Alright so you continue the route as if you’re trying to get Ramessu’s good ending, meaning you remain silent and you do not pursue Ducan or Amin. However, you are going to be rude to your dad at least once and you will be nice to him at least once. Also, you will ask him(Ramessu) about his city, and speak to him when he’s outside the tent, but do not be completely honest with him when you choose “I miss my home too”, afterwards proceed with Ramessu’s route as normal. Achievement should unlock!

Family loyalty and the end of the world
Bad ending with Ramessu.

You want to pursue him as usual, but be nice to your father, be silent/neutral to other route canidates.. Only difference in Ram’s route, apart from being nice to dad, is that you wanna not tell him the whole truth and break the kiss. There ya go, achievement unlocked!

Dead and Bad Ends

Sometimes you need to be patient…
Dead end #1

So after your team is being held hostage at the temple, your first night there you’ll be prompted with 2-3 options. I recommend saving if you don’t wanna restart the route.

  • Run Away

Better bend than break
Dead end #2

Soo it doesn’t matter who you’re pursuing. You can get this end regardless when you reach the oasis with Sotis:

  • Push her away

Thicker than water?
Dead end #3

To be on the safe side, I recommend saving before the option to attack Farrukh when pursuing Amin/Ducan’s route. As if you’re on Ramessu’s this never happens.

  • Run to father

Don’t anger the Ancient Gods
Dead end #4

Alright this one is relatively easy to get, just avoid Amin and Ducan’s route so that you have the option to explore the camp. Think of it as, it’s best to get this when going after Ram but choosing a wrong option.

  • Go out and look around
  • Continue looking around the camp
  • Why do you want to return to the past?

Fatal mistake
Dead end #6

Oookkay. This is the most ridiculous of them. So, avoid ALL routes but be nice to your dad. So just stay neutral. Now you’re a captive in your first night at the temple

  • Go out and look around
  • Continue looking around the camp
  • Keep Silent
  • Hide in tent
  • Ask ras for help

A rolling stone gathers no moss…
Bad ending.

To get this you wanna remain absolutely neutral to all route possibilities and be mean to your dad. Remember to still end the game in the way you would a “happy” end. Just that simple.

Broken dreams…
Bad ending.

Alright! SO to get this end you need to be mean to father. Argue with him, don’t tell him about amin, and yell at him in the tomb. Then proceed with Amin’s route, ticking everything in Amin’s favor up until you reach until the waterfall scene, search for him then turn back and then reject the kiss and proceed as if trying to get a happy end and well… there ya go.

The failure of every dream…
Bad ending.

Last but not least… sooo.. You’re gonna be really reckless and agressive. Argue with your dad and keep it a secret you saw Amin. Get mad at him in the tomb, make sure you choose two things in favor of Ducan, so early on let him help you with the tent and tell him what Amin told you and then after that stay completely neutral and pretend as if you’re running the happy end, just with zero romance.

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