Warframe – Focus and Synthesis Guide

To begin this guide I would like to say that this might not suit everyone’s playstyle and perspective of the game. By that I mean that some might say that this is a way of cheesing the game. However the guide also contains some requirements such as a specific weapon, frame, lenses, widgets and mods for it to work properly so I’ve pinned down in detail below.

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Focus Acquiring


  • Access to Adaro, Sedna
  • Equinox, 3 Forma
  • Orthos Prime, 2 Forma
  • 2 Focus Lenses
  • A focus school equipped: eg. Naramon for extra affinity



Warframe - Focus and Synthesis Guide

  • Energy Siphon [Aura mod] 
  • Enemy Sense [Exilus Mod] 
  • Constitution 
  • Stretch 
  • Rush 
  • (Primed) Continuity 
  • Fleeting Expertise 
  • Cunning Drift 
  • (Primed) Flow 

Orthos Prime

Warframe - Focus and Synthesis Guide

  • (Primed) Pressure Point 
  • Spoiled Strike 
  • Fever Strike 
  • Shocking Touch 
  • Body Count 
  • Blood Rush 
  • Drifting Contact 
  • (Primed) Reach 

The Execution

Basic farming: The point of executing this technique and strategy is to acquire Focus as mentioned. To acquire Focus standing the player needs to equip a focus lens. The easy way to describe the Focus farming is to:

  • Put on lens or either a Warframe or a weapon.
  • Kill enemies.
  • Pick up the focus orb for extra amount of focus gained while the buff is remaining.

Explanation of the method:

Advanced farming: Now the aim of THIS strategy is to go sneaky beaky like and stealth kill the enemies in order to receive the 500% affinity buff and keep it going. With Equinox Day-form ability Rest (“2”) the enemies are put to sleep for a short duration and will not be aware of your actions unless you hit them. Therefore we want also the one-hit strike on every enemy target hence Maiming and Finisher striking is sometimes crucial for the instakill. That is the reason for the high damage on the Orthos Prime and not so amazing attack speed, since damage per hit is prioritized. The other reason for Orthos is that its swinging and hitting doesnt affect the movement of the Warframe causing it to stop sprinting or walking which makes it easier and faster to move around and kill everything quickly.

So to pin down what we need and what the build/guide provides:


  • High range for Rest:s area of effect.
  • High duration for Rest:s duration.
  • High effieciency (if possible) for casting Rest.


  • High damage/hit
  • Average attack speed
  • Doesnt affect the movement

To proceed with the guide I have chosen to display my gear, in depth technique and strategy for farming the Focus.

My general setup:

To motivate my setup a bit further I would state that the affinity/Focus gathering is spread between Warframe and weapons and that is the reason for why everything equipped needs to have a lens. To be efficient and economic with lenses here I advice you to only have Melee weapon and Warframe equipped while farming focus with this tactic.

You may also wonder why I have (Prisma) Shade equipped. Well, it is very difficult to always make everything in the room sleep and when I accidentally walk too close to an enemy the sentinel cloaks me.


  • Equip the gear you’ve chosen and what the guide requires.
  • Select Adaro with Invite only as matchmaking.
  • Gather Energy: 

  • Killing and making the enemies sleep. 

  • Killing Bombards with either a Finisher Strike or a Maiming Strike since they are tankier than the rest. 

Picking up the Focus Orbs since they contribute with a buff that helps you the most with the acquiring.

So you get this icon on your display:

Synthesis Procedure

To acquire the daily Synthesis amount available while inside this mission you need to follow the requirements below:

  • Synthesis Scanner equipped.
  • Charges for the scanner or the widget.
  • Completed The New Strange quest for Cephalon Simaris. (Having the Simaris scanner)

The daily cap for this Syndicate is calculated by this formula: (Mastery rank + 1)*1000, so depending on your Mastery Rank the amount of scannings will differ.

To be efficient with the scanning while farming the Focus I advice you to scan and then kill whenever the Focus buff isn’t active untill you’ve capped out your daily standing.

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  1. Hey, on GuanDao instead of drifting contact can I use the gladiator mod? (Gladiator Rush, 6s combo duration, and set 15% crit stacking with multiplier) because status doesn’t make sense there right?

  2. I really like this shit-shit and I find it very usefull in some perspectives of farming in Call of duty. Good job.

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