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The Trail: Frontier Challenge - Buying and Selling (How to Trade)

Written by KatastropheTRAP   /   Nov 7, 2017    
The Trail: Frontier Challenge - Buying and Selling (How to Trade)

So you just started your adventure on The Trail. You've visited a couple of campsites, picked up some items along the way, and now you wish to sell what you've found and make a few chits. The intent of this guide is to explain my strategy for making the most of the trading system and how to win at Trading-Time.

Buy Low, Sell High

Yea, you've probably heard this before. This is easily the best (and in my opinion the most fun) way to generate cash in this game. During Trading-Time, items are placed on the conveyor belt and slowly move down the line. The further down the belt items get, the cheaper they get, until un-bought items are destroyed for the minimum amount of chits for the seller. The key to winning Trading-Time is maximizing the placement of your items. Rarer, higher quality items should be placed near the left as they are highly sought after and more likely to sell than average quality items. Common items should be placed near the middle, this can be quickly done by double clicking on an item in your bag. Stacked items will add one to the belt and fall back into your bag. Learning what types of items sell and which don't is going to take experience.


If you really want to make bank, invest early on in the skills that increase Trading-Time and multipliers for your items. This will be the difference between consistently winning Trading-Time and constantly losing. Also, having more time in each round of trading means you have more oppurtunity for your items to sell for a decent price which brings us to...

Trading Rounds

There are 4 different rounds for trading. Each focusing more or less on each of the proffessions. To truly maximize proffits, ONLY SELL ITEMS DURING THE APPROPRIATE ROUNDS!!! Never sell tools during the food trading round for instance, you'll get less than half of the items value and will feel like crap. But, if someone else puts their item down near the end of the round...

Snag Green Tagged Items!

General trading just ended and there's a bag on the belt? GRAB IT (if you have room in your bag...) Items that don't sell during the appropriate round will drop in price to 50% of it's value or LESS. This is a great oppurtunity to grab some inventory for the next campsite. And as for your items, NEVER let them stay on the belt during round change UNLESS it's the end of the game, where any of your items left on the belt will be destroyed for the value on their tag. If you have tools on the belt, and the round is about to change, pick up your items, you won't have to pay any chits.

Written by KatastropheTRAP.