.Hack//G.U. Last Recode – Bikmans Quest

A player location and general tips guide for one of the most irritating quests in .hack//HISTORY!


Bikman’s campaign becomes available after completing the quest “Bikman’s Art Supplies” and requires you to speak with all 135 different players in .hack//Rebirth. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Due to how players are populated into the game, there’s a pretty good chance this will be the LAST thing you finish in //Rebirth. This guide aims to provide a full list of players, where they can be found, and general tips to make this task much lest frustrating.

General Mechanics

The first thing to understand is that all “players” can be grouped into four general spawning categories:

  • Mac Anu: These players will only appear in the Mac Anu root town.
  • Lumina Cloth: These players will only spawn in the Lumina Cloth root town.
  • Both: These players will spawn in both Mac Anu and Lumina Cloth.
  • Medic Squad: These players will only spawn in fields or dungeons, in groups of three.

If you’re looking for a Mac Anu player in Lumina Cloth, you’re going to be disappointed.

Second, due to engine limitations you will only find 6-8 players in a root town at any given time. To simulate a more populated feel, these players are cnstantly moved to out of view locations to stand, run around, or warp in and out as you navigate through the town. The oonly way to change the current set is to cause the game to reload the town.

General Tips

Mac Anu

Mac Anu can be both easy and frustrating to hunt down your targets. While there seem to be multiple places to reload the area, such as entering a shop or @HOME, none of these actually cause the player set to refresh. The fastest way to cause a player set in Mac Anu to refresh is to warp to Lumina Cloth and back, though logging out or running an area will also work.

When hunting players, the Dome and its bridge are the best places to look. When you zone into the dome, 0-6 players will be standing around the portal. Just outside the door, the entire corrent player set will constantly spawn at the door and run to the bridge, or spawn on the bridge out of sight and run to the door, all in a perpetual loop. Stand at the foot of the door stairs and watch the names go by – once you’ve seen 6-8 unique names, refresh for a new set.

Lumina Cloth

Lumina Cloth trades more convenient reloading for more difficult player tracking. By running Limit (single) battles in the Arena, you can casually level up your Book of 1000 while refreshing the player set – spawn in, check for players, run one battle, repeat. Otherwise, refreshing requires root town travel or logging out and back in.

The easiest way to actually track the players per spawn is to get them to stand on the runway. Run up to the counter, then check the sides of the platform near the portals, as both sides can house 0-3 standing players. Then run down the runway – both sides of the path have multiple standing points to check. If you haven’t seen 6-8 unique names, circle around the back of the warp point and back to the runway to find the standing groups have changed. Repeat until you’ve seen 6-8 unique names, then refresh.

Fields / Dungeons

There are two sets of players that can be found in areas and dungeons. The most important are the Medic players, which appear on warp platforms and provide healing and random buffs. The second are any player that can appear in Mac Anu, which will be resting at platforms or caught in battle areas.

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode - Bikmans Quest

When selecting an area from the root town, you will see two numbers above the area’s element indicator. The number on the left is the amount of players (not including PKers) in the area, while the number on the right is the amount of players in that field that you have already met – if the number on the right is lower than on the left, the area is guaranteed to have players that you have not met. Every time you change area words, even if it’s just to cancel the menu and re-open, these numbers will re-randomize, allowing for significantly easier hunting of Medic and Mac Anu players.

It should be noted, however, that all standing players in an area will warp away the moment the field’s objective has been completed, be it by completing the Judge’s Symbol or beating the boss. When using areas to hunt players, go to every platform before completing the area objective to ensure contact.

Human Male Locations

  • Ninjato – Both
  • Eddie – Both
  • Rudolph – Both
  • Nogmung – Both
  • Oimatsu – Both
  • IGA – Both
  • Vergilius – Both
  • Midnight-Head – Both
  • DOMINATOR – Both
  • Rider Chyob – Both
  • Lieutenant Okada – Both
  • Corporal Yano – Both
  • Ookami Itto – Mac Anu
  • SideWinder – Mac Anu
  • tres – Mac Anu
  • Ubadama – Mac Anu
  • Heretic – Mac Anu
  • Kunio – Mac Anu
  • Encephalon – Mac Anu
  • Lonely Wolf – Mac Anu
  • Boltz – Mac Anu
  • Dimitri – Mac Anu
  • MAXBURST – Mac Anu
  • Aralagi – Mac Anu
  • Aryosha – Mac Anu
  • Mihirogi – Mac Anu
  • Nagi – Both
  • Kazuki – Both
  • Blue Eye Samurai – Both
  • Mark – Both
  • Wise Dragon – Both
  • Battery Tomekichi – Both
  • Yoshio – Lumina Cloth
  • Katar – Lumina Cloth
  • Nagare – Lumina Cloth
  • Dragonfly – Lumina Cloth
  • Colt 31 – Lumina Cloth
  • Pokuri – Lumina Cloth
  • EXILE – Lumina Cloth
  • Fang – Lumina Cloth
  • Chamnosuke – Lumina Cloth
  • NonBE – Lumina Cloth
  • AK47 – Lumina Cloth
  • Pilgrim – Lumina Cloth
  • Lettuce Taro – Lumina Cloth
  • Machida Man – Lumina Cloth
  • Takowaza380Yen – Lumina Cloth
  • Great Leo – Lumina Cloth
  • Ayuo – Lumina Cloth
  • JJ – Lumina Cloth
  • Flamberge – Lumina Cloth

Human Female Locations

  • Schrodinger – Both
  • Trigger – Both
  • NAOO – Both
  • Isolde – Both
  • Wang Lin – Both
  • Chobi – Both
  • dr. D – Both
  • Henako – Both
  • Syake – Both
  • Senion – Mac Anu
  • Inui – Mac Anu
  • Angel hair – Mac Anu
  • Olive – Mac Anu
  • Heavenly Flower – Mac Anu
  • COOH – Mac Anu
  • Mile – Mac Anu
  • Moonlight Dance – Mac Anu
  • Alice – Mac Anu
  • Pen Pen – Mac Anu
  • Abcinian – Mac Anu
  • 1/2 – Both
  • Aira – Lumina Cloth
  • Menou – Lumina Cloth
  • Chrysanthemum – Lumina Cloth
  • Punisher Mitch – Lumina Cloth
  • Black Pearl – Lumina Cloth
  • Meruru – Lumina Cloth
  • Heart in Brocade – Lumina Cloth
  • Hiira – Lumina Cloth
  • NiangNiang – Lumina Cloth
  • Ayame – Lumina Cloth
  • Rental Daughter – Lumina Cloth
  • Kiira – Lumina Cloth
  • Sapphire – Lumina Cloth
  • Madame Insane – Lumina Cloth
  • Jade – Lumina Cloth
  • Joanna – Lumina Cloth
  • Ruby – Lumina Cloth
  • Aleneor – Lumina Cloth
  • Onyx – Lumina Cloth

Beast Male Locations

  • Barson – Both 
  • Pale – Both 
  • Nuada – Both 
  • Tanu – Both 
  • Vanguard – Both 
  • Sky – Mac Anu 
  • Seisaku – Medic 
  • Hideyo – Medic 
  • BJ – Medic 
  • Osamu – Medic 
  • GENPAKU – Medic 
  • Ryotaku – Medic 
  • Towa – Both 
  • Shirochan – Lumina Cloth 
  • Eteman – Lumina Cloth 
  • Yatsufusa – Lumina Cloth 
  • Chamee – Lumina Cloth 
  • Suzuki Pig – Lumina Cloth 
  • Pochi – Lumina Cloth 

Beast Female Locations

  • Ingrid – Both 
  • TomCat – Both 
  • Sagittarius – Both 
  • Quasar – Both 
  • GATES – Mac Anu 
  • b1u3 – Mac Anu 
  • Mikatan – Mac Anu 
  • Tiphereth – Mac Anu 
  • Lady of the Lamp – Medic 
  • Florence – Medic 
  • Rintaro – Medic 
  • Ougai – Medic 
  • Agnes – Medic 
  • Telese – Medic 
  • Amber – Medic 
  • William=G – Medic 
  • Doyle – Medic 
  • Watson – Medic 
  • Phelix – Medic 
  • Jill – Medic 
  • Yoko – Lumina Cloth 
  • Cecile – Lumina Cloth 
  • Kanko – Lumina Cloth 
  • Evil Woman – Lumina Cloth 
  • Ishikari Cat – Lumina Cloth

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