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Hollow Knight - Arcane Egg Locations

Written by Demajen   /   Nov 13, 2017    

Visual Guide to Arcane Egg locations

A visual guide to the four rare Arcane Egg collectibles which sell to Relic Seeker Lemm for a whopping 1200 geo each.


  • (The Abyss) At the very bottom right of the room you get the Lifeblood Core charm. Head left to get to the lower part of the area and then under the rest of the room. Must be obtained before Lifeblood Core. 
  • (The Abyss) Directly to the left of the Shade Cloak upgrade. 
  • (Birthplace) Stay on the left side of the Birthplace and head far down. 
  • (Resting Grounds) Given by Seer as a reward for 1,200 essence.

Written by Demajen.

Game:   Hollow Knight