Hand of Fate 2 – Achievement Guide

Guide to Equipments and Encounters for getting Achievements


Completed The High Priestess with 12 Blessings and the Holy Mace.

Obviously, you need a holy mace and a lot of encounters which provide blessings. However, from my experience, it is best to run two cards that give fame and golds, since you need 16 fame to equip holy mace and some money to trade for blessings.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

I chose “Duel” and “Winding Trail,” but you are free to choose others. Basically, you should have one card that gives a lot of fames and another that gives golds.

As for equipments, get a lot of stuff that help you win bets.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

And add a blessing to your supply.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

For companion, Adriane is the best, since you will do a lot of card bets.

And don’t forget to dig out every avalanche to gain free blessings.

Money Bags

Had 200 Gold on completing Hierophant.

This one is rather easy. Stuff your encounters with cards that give golds. I especially recommend Goblin Town, as it gives a huge amount of gold. You can unlock this card by completing “Follow the Goblin” quests 4 times in a row. Drunken Night is also nice. You may also consider one card to help with your food situation.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide
Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

Do not spend any gold on anything, and you should be set.

Stuffed Potato

Completed the Lover’s challenge with Oswin fully healed.

Firstly, add a lot of encounters with food. Before the last stage, set up a camp to heal Oswin.

The most difficult part is to win the combat without Oswin taking any damage.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

Once the battle starts, undeads will throw projectiles at Oswin. You need to act fast!

  • Roll forward left! This will put Oswin behind you. Thus, you take all projectiles.
  • Immediately, throw the purification bomb on undead. At this point, most undeads should gather near The Wraith. With a good aiming, you should be left with only 2-3 undeads and The Wraith. Make sure you throw the bomb quick enough. Otherwise, undead will bomb Oswin first!
  • Hit The Wraith just once to cancel the channeling. Then proceed to kill all remaining undeads. Be careful that some undead will reanimate. Clear them out again.
  • Hopefully, the last step shouldn’t take long. But even if you end up taking a while, The Wraith will most likely sap your HP, not Oswin. If you have enough health, you can last quite long.

Be prepared to Exit the game (or ALT+F4) a lot. If Oswin takes damage, just exit and re-enter.


Completed 3 Brimstone tokens.

You need to complete 3 Brimstone tokens. Basically, a brimston card is the one with shining red color. It is the opposite of a platinum card, meaning it is very difficult to survive.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

Right now, I am experimenting with “Hierophant” as it allows you to acquire resources first. Most likely, you can take one brimstone card at a time.

Hoarford Trial

I might get the name wrong, since I don’t have the card anymore. This is the quest that Colbjorn must go through a trial to reclaim himself. Make sure you have a lot of health (and luck).

You have to survive a night in a forest. On every choice menu, the time of the day will be noted. Before nightfall, explore as many locations as possible by selecting “keep moving.” When it is night, visit one of the locations. The pond will first damage you and heal you back, so be careful if you are low on health. However, if your companion is on cooldown, the pond will refresh that. So, it is a good idea to visit the pond if your health allows. The crow will take your equipment in exchange of health gains. The shrine will ask for golds in exchange of health gains too.

Once it is dawn, you get the token.

The Far North

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

This one requires a lot of food and luck. Basically, you choose the choice that consumes most food and pray you get good luck with dices and wheels. On the last wheel, you need to get success to unlock the token.


Killed an Assassin with the Reaper’s Arrow.

“Death” is the only mission I am aware of that will have an assassin. To get this achievement, you need a right mix of equipments/fame/max hp cards. Without gain HPs encounters, you will fail the final showdown. Without fame, you cannot equip Reaper’s Arrow. Without gain equipment cards, you might not even get your hand on Reaper’s Arrow. It is also nice to have some gold as well, so you can purchase Reaper’s Arrow from the store, if it happens to show up.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide
Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

For supplies, I chose Fate Path, Food, and Max HP. Fate Path is to trade for gain max HP at Winter Solstice.

Once everything is ready, face the assassin. Just attack him until he drops and waits for you to finish (F button hanging on his head). Then, press Q to finish him off. Be careful that your companion does not get the last hit though.

Peaceful Coast

Completed The Empress with the Encrusted Mace.

Simply stuff encounters that give fames or combats. At every village, protect all villagers. You can do this by attacking the foremost enemy. Deal with chain throwers last as they don’t deal damage to villagers.

Hand of Fate 2 - Achievement Guide

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  1. Your high priestess advice is 🐕 💩
    If you take winding trail + duel you will come one up blessing short even with everything else done right. Only take duel for the 8 fame and get warring kingdoms instead of winding trail for the blessing + gold each new level.

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