World of Warships – How to Enable Training Rooms

How to enable Team traning rooms.

How to Enable Training Rooms

First right click on World of warships then go to properties then local files then browse local files (or find your steam install folder for WoWs) then find a folder called res
Inside the Res folder find a file called scripts_config.xml make a copy of it and save it somewhere. After that open the script_config.xml that is still located in res and open it using notepad.
Find a line called <disableTrainingRoom>true</disableTrainingRoom>. And change the true to false.
Reopen your game.

Ok so How do I Use It?

Once you have done the above steps and are in game press the button next to the battle button (Co-op, Random battle). At the very bottom there should be something called training rooms. Pick a ship you want to use and press battle (currently there is no cost to repair or loss of flags and camo from training matches)

1. Browse other rooms

After you press battle you will see a old school UI with probably some maps made by other users.

World of Warships - How to Enable Training Rooms

(No users online when I took the image)
To join a room just click on it.

2. Create a room

To create a room just click create room and you should be presented with something like this.

Here is where you can choose the map and the total math time and the total amount of players. You can also set the description of the room by typing into the black box below the map preview. After doing this when you press create you will create a room and people will be able to join. (There is a limit on the total amount of rooms that can be created on each server)

3. Bots

You can also add bots to the room to fight against (the bots currently can only be tech tree ships). The bots have 2 settings Armed (Will shoot at enemies) and active (Will move) these are always set to off on default. To add a bot first choose a ship in the dropdown choose the Armed/active settings you want then drag the bar where the bot selection is to what team you want the bot on.

4. Players

To add players just drag them to the team you want them on. You can communicate to them before you start the game by a text box in the lower left corner.

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