Hand of Fate 2 – The Hierophant (Challenge #6)

The Hierophant

Discover which assasin seeks to kill Father Galfri.

You can’t use a random deck for this challenge if you wan’t the gold coin (completing the challenge 100%). You have to include as many gold cards as you can since you’ll need at least 90 gold at the end of the challenge to complete it, I’ll explain soon.


Quick Tip 1: do alle speech options to make sure you get all clues!

You’ll have to collect 19 different clues for to identify the assasin. You’ll gain the first 7 clues at the start of the game as you talk to your contractor. you’ll gain the next 4 as you talk with the three different assasins and 1 more time with the contractor. When reaching the end should you be at 11 clues and if not you might aswell start over if you wan’t the gold coin. to get the last 8 clues you’ll have to pay 30 gold to each assasin and drink with borden and grindan. after that you’ll should have all the clues and be able to identify the assasin. if you choose wrong make sure to alt+f4 quickly to restart the scenario. you can also choose an assasin at the start of the card to see who traitor is.

Quick Tip 2: it’s ok as far as i’ve experienced to miss your dice rolls and you can do it over and over again as much as you’ll like so don’t worry about that it won’t cost money to retry.

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