PUBG – Learn How Vaulting Completely Changes the Game

I’ve created a video to showcase the new vaulting and what it brings to the game.

Changes to Looting

Looting is sped up massively with vaulting.

With vaulting, it’s now easier than ever to jump through windows and climb over objects. This makes it a lot more convenient to get looted and booted in the early stages of the game.

You no longer need to run up and down the staircase of every single building you enter. Instead, you can now look through the building for items to loot then hop out of the nearest window.

Changes to PVP

There are three main ways vaulting changes PVP in PUBG.

  • Firstly, with vaulting, players can now escape from buildings they’re trapped in by jumping through windows. (Far easier than crouch jumping, new windows can be jumped through.)
  • Secondly, players can now jump through windows to get the jump (haha.) on building campers. You’re no longer forced to be funneled through the front door.
  • Finally, players can get on top of some buildings that were previously inaccessible.

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