Pokemon GO – All Pokemons Types Weaknesses and Strengths

In Pokemon GO all Pokemons have their own Weaknesses & Strengths. You have to know them to win in battles for Gyms. This Guide for Pokemon GO will show you strong and weak sides of every Pokemon and help you to choose him for defending the Gym.

Strengths and Weaknesses of All Pokemons Types

In PokemonGO there’re about 17 various Pokemon types and each one has its weak and strong sides. If you want to know them you need to check the type of your Pokemon, then go to the Tab of Pokemons and select the definite Pokemon there. Following list can help you to check and compare the Pokemons’ Weaknesses & Strengths.

Normal Type

  • Weak Against – Fighting.
  • Strong Against – None.

Bug Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Flying and Rock.
  • Strong Against – Grass, Psychic and Dark.

Poison Type

  • Weak Against – Ground and Psychic.
  • Strong Against – Grass and Fairy.

Grass Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug.
  • Strong Against – Water Ground and Rock.

Water Type

  • Weak Against – Electric and Grass.
  • Strong Against – Fire, Ground and Rock.

Fire Type

  • Weak Against – Rock, Water, and Ground.
  • Strong Against – Steel, Bug, Ice and Grass.

Ground Type

  • Weak Against – Water, Grass and Ice.
  • Strong Against – Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel.

Fighting Type

  • Weak Against – Flying, Psychic, and Fairy.
  • Strong Against – Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel.

Rock Type

  • Weak Against – Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel.
  • Strong Against – Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug.

Fairy Type

  • Weak Against – Poison and Steel.
  • Strong Against – Fighting, Dragon and Dark.

Electric Type

  • Weak Against – Ground.
  • Strong Against – Water and Flying.

Psychic Type

  • Weak Against – Bug, Ghost and Dark.
  • Strong Against – Fighting and Poison.

Ghost Type

  • Weak Against – Ghost and Dark.
  • Strong Against – Psychic and Ghost.

Dragon Type

  • Weak Against – Ice, Dragon and Fairy.
  • Strong Against – Dragon.

Ice Type

  • Weak Against – Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel.
  • Strong Against – Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon.

Flying Type

  • Weak Against – Electric, Steel and Rock.
  • Strong Against – Grass, Fighting and Bug.

Dark Type

  • Weak Against – Fighting, Fairy and Bug.
  • Strong Against – Psychic and Ghost.

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