Cuphead – How to Beat Dr. Kahl’s Robot

How to beat Dr Kahl’s Robot (boss) from Cuphead.

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Tips Before Fighting

Since there are so many projectiles and enemies on screen to dodge at once in this battle, I recommend using the heart or twin heart charm. This will weaken your attack power, but it’s worth it for a win against the boss.With that said, let’s get into the guide!

Phase One

This boss is a little bit different from the others. Instead of damaging the boss completely, there are 3 different parts you must destroy. The top of his head has a giant laser, his chest releases a gate, which has to be parried, and his stomach releases little airships. Take down the laser first. When the laser fires, move down to his chest and shoot that area until the laser turns off. Once both the laser and chest areas are down, move down to destroy the final area. Be aware that the airships can still come out, so move away and switch to the bomb attack when they come. After all areas have been destroyed, a heart will pop out of the robot’s chest. The heart is the only place you can hit. Try to dodge all the projectiles on screen, while landing as many hits as possible on the heart. Eventually, the heart will be destroyed.

Phase Two

This phase is rather short. In this phase, the robot’s head pops out of the body and starts flying about the screen. When you have the chance, go in front of the robot’s head and land as many hits as possible, or you could use the bomb attack. Either one works. Try to stay away from the ends of the screen, as an enemy could pop out and damage you.

Final Phase

This is the phase that a lot of people struggle with. In this phase, you have to fight Dr Kahl (and the robot’s head), while he shoots out projectiles from his crystal. You also must pass through electric gates before they close. When the projectiles start to come, focus on dodging, not on shooting. Don’t be afraid to turn small in this part, as it helps a lot in this phase. During the break between his crystal shots, use your supers and try to land as many hits as you can, as the breaks aren’t long in this battle. Keep repeating this, and you should eventually beat him.

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