Cuphead – How to Beat King Dice

How to beat King Dice (boss) from Cuphead.

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Tips Before Fighting

Before fighting King Dice, I recommend buying P. Sugar from the shop (extra marks to you if you’ve already bought it). It makes the Dice timing so much easier. The twin heart charm and the regular heart charm are not needed, as you have 3 chances to get an extra life in the battle (unless you want super OP HP).

Also, before fighing you must know which bosses to try get, and which ones to avoid.
The first 3 are all pretty easy, but after that, avoid 6 and 9. These bosses are quite difficult and long lasting, so try your best to avoid them.

With that said, let’s get into the guide.

The Dice Game

This battle is very different to the others. You must make your way across a casino board facing at least 3 mini bosses on the way to a short battle with King Dice himself. When you start up, make sure that the hearts aren’t on bosses 6 or 9. If they are, keeping retrying until the hearts aren’t on those 2 numbers. Once you’ve got a board setup that you’re happy with, try to time the Dice to land on the bosses with hearts on them. To do this, duck under the dice and jump up one number before the number you want. When you land back down and parry it, it should be on the right number. If you have P. Sugar, just jump up on the number you want.

Try to get all the lives, as you never know how many you’ll need in the King Dice fight (heh, what a rhyme).

The King Dice Fight

Once you reach the finish, go to one side as quick as possible. There is a chance that you’ll have gone behind King Dice’s hand. Once he’s done, get as many hits as possible before going to the opposite side. Keep doing this to have a better chance of winning.

If King Dice decides to go to the same side twice, you’ll have to parry the cards. Don’t forget that you can use each card more than once.

The amount of time this lasts for depends on your weapon choice and how much supers you use. If you’re using the lobber + roundabout combo, it shouldn’t last too long.

Eventually, King Dice will go down.

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