Tannenberg – Weapons Guide

The weapon handling in Tannenberg leans towards realism, so you will have to learn how to handle bullet drop, leading your targets and different reloading methods.


As in real life bullets have gravity and take time to travel. We can distinguish two elements you should take into account: Bullet Drop and Leading Targets.

Bullet Drop

Bullets will slowly drop towards the ground due to gravity. In Tannenberg this is implemented realistically for the weapons of the period, which in practice means that bullet drop is not very noticeable at short distances. If your target is 100m away the bullet will drop a distance of around 5cm. So adjust your aim height based on the target distance. With some of the longer ranges of Tannenberg this can make hitting moving targets more difficult.


Target leading is more important. Since bullets take time to reach to their target you should aim a little ahead of the target to compensate for their movement speed. At a distance of 100m it takes around 0.2 seconds for a bullet to reach a target. You will get the hang of this after practicing for a while.


While standing and using ironsights you will have difficulty stabilising the gun because of the weight. This means that your weapons will sway a little and your sights will not perfectly align. You can reduce this effect by crouching or going prone. You can temporarily reduce weapon sway by holding your breath before you take a shot, which both reduces sway and increases your zoom.


As in real life there are different loading mechanics for different weapons. There are three different weapon reload types in Verdun:

  • Bullet-by-bullet: Can only be loaded one bullet at a time, like the M1895 Nagant revolver.
  • Bullets and clips: You can load individual bullets, but you can also load several bullets at once with a stripper clip, if you have fired enough shots for there to be space. For instance, the Kar98AZ allows both options.
  • Stripper Clips/Enbloc: The gun only accepts clips, and has to be fully emptied before reloading. The ‘Mannlicher M95’ is an example of such a weapon.
  • Magazine: Can reload full capacity at any point with a fresh magazine. For instance the Luger.


If you happen to run out of bullets or encounter an enemy in close quarters you can resort to a melee attack. You are able to perform a melee attack with any weapon, but some are better than others. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Melee Weapon: A powerful way to kill the enemy at close range. Click to perform an a melee attack
  • Bayonet attachment: Some weapons have a sharp bayonet attachment. Press the melee button (‘V’ by default) to stab at the enemy.
  • Bash: Every other weapon has a bash attack you can use – it has lower damage but can still be effective. Press the melee button (‘V’ by default) to bash.

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