Battlerite – Learn i-Framing (Guide for Noobs)

A simple guide which explains what i-framing is as well as lists all i-framing abilities of all champions currently in the game. A guide is created specifically for absolute newcomers as i-framing is quite an important mechanics they should learn very early on.

What is i-Framing?

Even if you don’t know what i-framing is, there’s a high chance you’ve heard the term before if you’ve been a part of the gaming community – specifically if you’ve ever played Dark Souls. I-framing in Dark Souls is one of the core mechanics for speedruns, or even general runs, and while it isn’t as crucial in Battlerite, it’s still extremely important.

I-frame – short for invincibility frame – allows your champ to become immune to all damage for a brief animation, making it possible for you to evade many skills in the game, one I’ll specifically be referencing a lot in the video being Croak’s Ultimate. As every champ in the game is (technically) equipped with at least one ability that offers i-frame, I decided to list them all out in the chronological order. I’ll most-likely update the guide later on and include written form as well (and keep updating it as more and more characters are released), but for now I’ll just link my YT video about it. Enjoy the universe-reaching levels of bad.

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