Zeran’s Folly – Hidden Ring Locations

Where to find the rings you can’t buy from Jeasel.

Hidden Ring Locations

All credit goes to Myroid-Type Comics!


Jeasel’s: Enemies drop a little more gelder.
Own 10 rings then talk to Jeasel.

Deathwish: Fight with a shred of life to earn tons of gelder. (3x gelder when at one heart or less)
Found in Zeran’s Folly in the section after Juggernaut.

Gambler’s: Enemies drop more or less gelder, depending on luck.
Found in The Manastery beyond the locked door in the Fire area.

Ghoul’s: Every enemy kill restores a little health.
Found in Tomb of Kings East behind a fake wall. At the top of the shaft after getting the key from the previous room, jump into the wall on the left.

Engorged: Enemies have a chance to drop bigger hearts.
Found in the eastern chest in lower Zeran’s Folly.

Lucky Heart: Enemies drop hearts more often.
Found in Pukamake Grotto in the upper-left corner of the Turtle Bola room with the chest in the lower right.


Flicker: Stay invincibile longer after being hit.
Found in the western chest in lower Zeran’s Folly.

Rising Strike: Increases the boost from unfocused upward attacks.
Found in Pukamake Grotto, it’s the chest behind the three locks in the Test of Wits room. One key can be found in each of the previous three rooms. Two of them are in the lowest part of the room behind a fake wall to the left.

Cursed: Unfortunate result of a failed Protection enchantment. (Take double damage)
Found in the first “green” room of The Manastery out in the open in the lower right.

Berserker: Berserker rage makes you strong. (Double damage, can’t focus, attacks are Breaker attacks)
Reward for completing Terna Island Assault the first time.

Flow: Take longer to focus but stay focused longer.
Found in the western half of The Smiffy above and between two lava cascades.



Endure Pain: Strong hits deal extra damage instead of making you flail.
Found in eastern Dorfhole behind a fake wall.

Sky Dragon

Lazarus: Revives you once if you die. Recharges at Whisper Stones.
In the room with the Mirror of Souls, break through the wall on the right to find a hidden room.


Linger Longer



Chime: Chimes if there’s treasure in the area.
Found in Tomb of Kings West behind a fake wall. In the western room with three exits, there’s a fourth exit in the upper-right. It’s marked with a sconce.


Somersault: Jump with style.
In The Manastery in the southwest-most “green” room behind a fake wall. It’s the one with a Buzzfly and Mud Gel that seems like a dead end.

Mirror: Everything is backwards.
Found in the final room of Zeran’s Folly. (Return after beating the game.)

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