Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – How to Unlock All Character

This guide is to trigger the unlock mission.

Full List

  • Yami Yugi: Pick as a starter character or reach Stage 15 if you choose Seto as a starter.
  • Seto Kaiba: Pick as a starter character (or reach Stage 15 if you choose Yami Yugi as a starter).
  • Joey Wheeler: Reach Stage 3.
  • Tea: Reach Stage 5.
  • Mai: Reach Stage 10.
  • Rex: Reach Stage 21.
  • Weevil: Beat Standard Duelists 100 times.
  • Mako: Conduct Tribute Summons 150 times.
  • Keith: Beat Legendary Duelists 50 times.
  • Ishizu: Summong LIGHT-attribute monster 200 times.
  • Odion: Activate Trap cards 300 times.
  • Pegasus: Earn 250,000 points at Pegasus unlock event, Welcome to Toon World. Or battle him at the gate.
  • Yami Bakura: Earn 200,00 points at Yami Bakura unlock event, Fear the Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom.
  • Paradox Brothers: Earn 180,000 points at Paradox Brothers unlock event, Guardians of the Gate. Or Battle him at the gate.
  • Yami Marik: Earn 150,000 points at Yami Marik unlock event, Attack of the Rare Hunters!
  • Yugi Muto: Finish Final Duel Zone for the for the first time at Duelist Chronicles: Set Sail For the Kingdom.
  • Marik Ishtar: This character is currently unavailable.
  • Mokuba: Bingo Mission Event.
  • Solomon Muto: Unknown.
  • Arkana (Pandora): Unknown.
  • Kotsuzuka: Unknown.
  • Espa Roba: Unknown.
  • Yami Joey: Unknown.

Note: Solomon Muto, Arkana (Pandora), Kotsuzuka (Bonz), Espa Roba, and Yami Joey are not added to the game yet.

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