WolfQuest – Against All Odds Achievement Guide

Against all odds – achievement where you have to get all puppies to the rendezvous site without killing any of the four pups on Bring it on! Here’s some small tips and tricks you might need on your jorney.

Where to Start With?

All credit goes to Vikatikki!

Okay first of all. Where should you start with, this can be mostly chosed from which one of dens you feel most safe with.

WolfQuest - Against All Odds Achievement Guide

I chose the one near Bison Peak Cutoff since i’m most familiar with that one (so that means i’m also using that in this guide).

I chose this den cuz on my opinion places to cross water are the most easiest ones and I don’t need to go around anywhere, it’s also pretty open place where I can see predators pretty soon before game alarms me about them. Keep in mind that my den might not be the best place for you to pick, so try playing each of the dens either multiplayer or alone and you might get a better feeling which den suits you the best.

WolfQuest - Against All Odds Achievement Guide

This is how my trail is gonna go, the small yellow dots will be places where I also go and place few carcass’, they don’t need to be on the exact place, but the more the better. I recommend round 5-8 carcass, it depends how often you feel need to feed your pups but keep in mind that on bring it on they need to be fed more often.

Hunting Time

Now that you’ve made your decision of the den you want to go with. Start building up bodies as near to the den as possible.

This might get harder since your partner might want to kill it right away where it stands, I realized this and it became a little problem and it’s kinda annoying to try to keep it away. The best way to chase elk near to den is first bite it few times that it start to run, after that you need to run as near as possible to the elk so your partner can’t kill it. When you get close enough to the den you can finally kill that elk. Keep repeating this as much as you feel need to. I usually just in case bring more than 1 herd to the den, actually… the more the better.

Also i’ve realized that some players “block” predators ways to get into den by killing elks on the sides of the den, I don’t know does this work but hey, it’s worth trying for right?

WolfQuest - Against All Odds Achievement Guide

Tips on killing elks with your partner:

  • Block your partners way to the elk by running between them.
  • Try howling, this usually stops your partner for a while, you can also do this as much as you like. Believe me… I used it a lot.
  • Try not to get your partner from getting hit on elks, you will soon realize that all your hard work will be eaten by your parter…. well that was fun….

P.S. You might want to use nighttime for this project. Hunting elks takes a while and you might not want all the elks to be eaten by crows 🙁

Now it’s time to survive in the den…

Here we go. You managed to build up your elk wall, haha. Good job, now it’s time for the fun part. Keeping your pups alive and feeding them. Here’s nothing pretty new I have to tell you, just try to feed your pups only when they’re hungry. Keep your most attention on predators since for me sometimes my partner wolf doesn’t want to do that job or it does it really badly… (it’s so fun to watch your partner run after a cougar miles away from den… NOT).

Try avoiding of leaving your den area even that game says you pups will be safe inside the den while you return, they will still spawn predators outside of your den waiting for your return, and it’s not fun to see a grizzly right next to your pups when you return to your den.

psst, also remember to mark your area often enough to keep other wolfs away from your den.

You might want to take these few tips to yourself.

2 Using Daytime


  • If you play the game with shadows on, you can see eagles far before they land so they are much easier to chase away.


  • I feel like in daytime there will be much more active predators.
  • Your pups are more active than in the nighttime.

1 Using Nighttime


  • Your food doesn’t get eaten by crows, yay more food for me!
  • Your pups aren’t as active as in daytime.


  • What in daytime, you might not see predators (like eagles) as easily as daytime.

Let’s Go!

Congratulations you still have all your pups alive!! (or not who am I to tell you that)
Now it’s time to start your last journey, on this one I have only few tips. I usually on this part change it to daytime, and the one and only reason why is because it’s much more easier to see predators outside when you have a daytime (and also again if you have shadows on you can see eagles much more easier, trust me… but if you computer can’t handle it… i’m sorry?).

Here’s few last tips i’m gonna give to you on your last journey:

  • Try to walk backwards your face facing your pups, this way you can easily see if any of the pups gets left behind. (Or sometimes your partner might want to grap one and take it on a little journey, once again this is so annoying)
  • Only cross water with FULL STRENGHT, it’s also easier to cross if your wolf’s stats are at least 50% on strenght, I have 55% and that’s pretty good one to go with.
  • Don’t go too far chasing predators, let the come close to you, if you see predator running towards to your pups, get in the middle to stop their plans and make them flee (or if it’s coyote, just kill it. No mercy.) 

WolfQuest - Against All Odds Achievement Guide

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