Defense Clicker – How to Play (Quickguide)

Basic gameplay guide for Defense clicker…

How to Play

  • To start the game click on the left upper corner on the cave. 
  • The game is normally in the clicker mode. In this mode you only can attack enemies by clicking on them or buy upgrades in the menu on the bottom. 
  • The game only starts spawning enemies after you built your first tower. 
  • To built or upgrade towers you must change to the built mode. This is activated while pressing and holding the “T” button on your keyboard. During you are in built mode you can see a ghost preview of the tower under your mouse when it is over a buildable spot on the map. The tower to build is changeable by clicking on the tower graphic in the built tower menu on the left bottom corner or by rotating the mousewheel slowly. When you have choosen the correct tower you can built it by clicking on an buildable area and the ghost tower will be built on this place. Also already built tower will display a white cloud with a tower lvl and upgrade price while holding “T” (when the maxtower lvl is high enough). If you can upgrade it the price will be displayed green. When you release the T button you can see the playfield without the disturbing data and it all looks a bit more pretty. 
  • To sell towers you must press and hold “S” on the keyboard. While its pressed you can see the gold you get when selling the tower. By clicking on the tower while holding “S” you can sell the tower.


There are several buildable towers ingame.

Arrow tower

The arrow tower is a midrange tower with a midspeed. It shoots about 2-3 fields wide and is the perfet tower for the second rowfrom the street.

Speeder tower

The speeder tower is a very fast tower but it only shoots about 1-2 fields wide and is only good in the first row of the street.

Sniper tower

The sniper tower is a really slow tower but it can shoot over the entire map and is perfectly at every position where no other tower can aim the enemies.

Farming tower

The farming tower cannot shoot but it can farm a bit money every few seconds to increase your income.


The game has several ressources which are needable to level up different skills or options.
Ressources must be collected by hovering with the mouse over them or by letting them collected by pets or the ressource collector DLC.


Crystals can be obtained by every enemy and they spawn after killing an enemy randomly

  • Red Crystal: this crystal is for upgrading the red crystal storage and the maxlevel of the arrow tower 
  • Green Crystals: this crystal is for upgrading the green crystal storage and the maxlevel of the speeder tower 
  • Blue Crystals: this crystal is for upgrading the blue crystal storage and the maxlevel of the sniper tower 
  • Turkis Crystals: this crystal is for upgrading the turkis crystal storage and the maxlevel of the farmer tower


Elements are for buying and upgrading the heroes. They spawn on specific conditions.

  • Fire element: this element can only spawn after the death of a phoenix enemy 
  • Ice element: this element can spawn after the death of every enemy, but only when its snowing 
  • Earth element: this elemt can only spawn after the death of bats. 
  • Poison element: This element can only spawn after the death of a treant 

Special ressources:

Special ressources are ressources which must not be collected and which are used for special upgrades

  • Primes: This are ressources which you need for the prime upgrades which modify your towers and base stats, you get them by killing bossmobs, green lighting enemies and beating waves.
    Primes are locked after earning them and can be unlocked by reseting or after dying. 
  • Evolution Points. These are obtainable after using the evolution function. Evolution points ca be used for very powerful evolution upgrades but it needs very long to farm them. You can get 1 evolutionpoint every 500 beated waves but you have to reset nearly everything as price for them. 
  • Bosssouls: Bossouls are given by beaten bossens. with this souls you can buy pets and upgrade them.

Normal and Farming Mode

In the upper right corner is a farming mode button.
This button is meant for afk playing.

In normal mode you get after an reset or death all locked primes but you lose all towers on the field and have to built new ones.

In farming mode you can hold the towers which means the game restarts at wave 1 but you still have all built towers but as a price to hold the towers you only get half of the locked primes and lose the other half permanently.

Monsters and Bosses

Monsters spawn permanently if 1 or more towers are on the field. At the beginning they have very low lifepoints and there can only be a few of them. After several kills the number of enemies which can be on the field and the lifepoints of them increases and makes it harder to life.

All 500 kills spawns a boss and a new enemy type(as long as there are new ones available ingame) and it gets harder to stay alive.

Reset and Evolution

Reset is a function which is automatically called when you die or is manually called by pressing the reset button twice.

Reset has two different things it can do depending on the gamemode (normal or farming)

On normal mode it kills all enemies, unlocks the locked prime and deletes all towers and the game restarts on wave 1

On farming mode it kills all enemies, unlocks half of the primes, deletes permanently half of the locked primes, restarts on wave 1 but you hold all towers.

Evolution is a needed function which can be used after 500 waves.
At the beginning of the game you can only play 500 rounds, then the evolution button starts to glow green. after clicking it you gain 1 evolution level, 1 evolution point and the game resets nearly completely. You lose alle upgrades and only hold bought pets and the bosssouls and your evolution upgrades.

Every evolution also grants you an 500 waves increased maxwave and enemies get 100% harder. After your first evolution you can make the evolution always then when you get up to the new maxwave.

After your first evolution you get an preevolution useable.

This evolution is useable after 500 waves. An preevolution does the same as a normal evolution but you get no evolution level and no maxwave increase.

A preevolution is doable when the evolution button glows orange. You get 1 evolution point for every completed 500 waves.

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