Zeran’s Folly – Mana Core Locations

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Where to find all the Mana Cores to recruit Anne.

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Mana Core Locations

To recruit Anne, you will need to find all eight Mana Cores in Terna Island Assault. Mana Cores are glowing blue balls that emit blue sparkles. There are 3 in Petal Pass, 3 in Murmur Marsh, and 2 in Agony Valley.

Petal Pass

Mana Core 1: After the first checkpoint, there is a fake wall below the blue Porcupine. The Mana Core is on the other side and above, below the bridge.

Mana Core 2: After getting Mana Core 1, fall into the pit below the bridge. The Mana Core is near the bottom of the room, it’s hard to miss.

Mana Core 3: Above and to the left of the second checkpoint.

Murmur Marsh

Mana Core 4: In the second room, jump as you’re running on the ramp to jump high enough to clear the spikes. The Mana Core is above them, high on the wall.

Mana Core 5: Continue on the upper path. In the room after the first checkpoint, there is a line of coins leading upwards above a ramp. Follow them and climb the area. The Mana Core is to the right of the outcrop.

Mana Core 6: At the end of the room with the second checkpoint, there is a Wisp guarding a fake floor. Break the floor to reach a spring which will boost you up to the Mana Core above.

Agony Valley

Mana Core 7: In the large room after the one with the first checkpoint, there is a bridge with a breakable post. The Mana Core is above and to the left of the bridge.

Mana Core 8: In the room with the second checkpoint and Thumpers, the Mana Core is hidden in the top left of the room behind a fake wall. After clearing the last Thumper section, the fake wall is to the left of the Buzzfly.

Finally, complete Terna Island Assault and Anne will join your party.

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