A Tale of Two Kingdoms – Map With Important Locations

A Tale of Two Kingdoms has a map of its own, but it does not contain all of the important locations. This guide contains a map that will help you navigate through the game more easily.


Warning: spoilers ahead!

The following map shows the different locations in the game. You can click on the image to zoom in.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms - Map With Important Locations

Blue tiles are the ocean.

The lines between the locations show where you can travel to when you’re in a certain location (or screen). If a line is dashed, it means that it’s an optional route that is most likely unlocked later in the game, or a route that you will only use once.

Locations marked with an asterisk (*) contain special events that are unlocked as the story progresses.


  • The ocean is broad, so it’s possible to travel further to the right than is shown in the map. I haven’t included that since, as far as I know, there is nothing special in the ocean besides the wizard’s tower.
  • I haven’t marked specific locations where you can find the squirrel, the coin, etc, since those locations are different for each playthrough.
  • The map of the city itself doesn’t match with the map of the whole area. I was going to divide “city” into “market”, “castle”, “cliff” and “harbor” until I realized that would mess up the entire map.

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