Steam – Trading Tips

This guide is to help prevent users from being scammed! No one likes scammers. So here are a few tips to prevent being scammed.

Trading Tips to Prevent Being Scammed!

Few good trading tips:

  • Do not trade anything unless its a live trade or a trade request via steam.
  • Never trade unless its within steam!
  • Middlemen are bs. Do not use them to trade. Some users impersonate middlemen and will ask for your items to check they are “safe” and usually they take your items and block you. Always trade 1 on 1.
  • Do not trade unless the other user has added his/her items to the live trade in steam.
  • Dont rush.
  • Steam moderators & employees will never ask for your items.
  • Triple check everything.
  • If the other user offers money from paypal or any other payment service dont go through with it.
  • If the user seems fishy dont go through with the trade.
  • Make sure your getting what you want for the trade
  • Do not use third party websites stay away from all of those.
  • Do not gamble on Csgo websites or any other sites. Third party websites are the most common places to be scammed.
  • Do not click on weird links. Some links can look safe but could be fishing links.
  • Do not click on any link to trade with unless its a steam link.
  • If it looks too good to be true dont go through with it unless its a live trade via steam.
  • Once traded your items are gone. If you give them away thats your fault no one elses and Steam will not Get them back for you.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions. Dont blame others for your mistakes.
  • Once a trade is complete it is then final and cannot be undone.
  • Common sense goes along way if you use it well 🙂

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