Rogue System – Doing the Repair Mission the Easy Way

This is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the ship repair mission ‘perfectly’ (i.e. without losing any components or abandoning either ship) with a minimum of difficulty.

Following this guide, you will:

  • Fly your Flying Fox to the damaged one
  • Dock with the damaged Flying Fox
  • Swap batteries between the two ships without losing any
  • Power up the damaged Flying Fox
  • Fly both ships back to the station
  • Dock both ships with the station

Summary of the Easy Way

All credit goes to Macdjord!

The key points of this guide:

  • Rendezvous with the damaged Flying Fox
  • Dock with the damaged Flying Fox (the localizer beacon for its rear docking port is on frequency 45.3.201); it’s much easier to transfer the batteries when the ships are docked
  • Before taking out a live battery, remove the dead battery and stash it in the airlock of your original Flying Fox so it won’t get lost. Once you’ve transferred the live battery, retrieve the dead one and install it in the empty slot
  • After powering up the damaged Flying Fox, fly it back to the station with your original Flying Fox still docked to the back. Stop about 250m away, then undock the two ship, and dock them one at a time to the station. The EVA back between the two should be easy, since the other ship is so close and not moving relative to the station

Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: In this guide, I assume you have completed the tutorials and know how to perform standard operations such as starting up a Flying Fox, rendezvousing and docking with a target, and shutting down a Flying Fox.

  • Power up your Flying Fox as normal
  • Undock from the station, get outside limiter range, and light your main engines
  • Bring up your sensors page and lock on to the nearest target that is not the station; that will be your target
  • Switch your display to tracking mode, aim for the target ship, and burn for a rendezvous
  • While you’re on your way, switch to coms and enter the frequency 45.3.201, and then set your localizer to it; this is the beacon frequency of the target Flying Fox’s rear docking port
  • When you arrive at the target ship, kill your relative velocity, switch your display to external docking mode, and dock with the damaged Fox as normal
    • Remember: When docking with a ship that doesn’t have power, you need to activate the docking clamps on your docking port!
  • Once docked, untie battery 1 from both system buses. Check that it is at least 80% charged, then disable it. However, leave the ‘Recharge Allow’ button pressed.
  • Be sure all your exterior lights are on, as that will make it much easier to navigate outside the ship
  • Get out of your seat, into the airlock, put on your suit, and open the door
  • Exiting the airlock, turn right and you’ll see the damaged Flying Fox. The battery compartment on this side is below the crew compartment; find it and open it
  • Toggle the locking lever on the battery, then click the battery to release it from the compartment. Click it again to grab it, and head back to the airlock
  • Get just inside the airlock door, then hit ‘f’ to let go of the battery. Back out of the door, then use the exterior handle to seal the airlock with the battery inside; this will keep it from floating away while you do the next few steps
  • The battery compartment on this side of your own flying fox is above the crew compartment; go there and open it
  • Before going any further: double check that the action tooltip says it is battery 1 you are looking at; battery 2 in still active, and might be damaged if you extracted it now
  • Remove the battery, same as before, and grab it. Note that, in order to insert the battery into the battery compartment, you need to be fairly close to the compartment, and you can’t get that close if you’re holding a battery way out in front of you. However, the closer the battery is to you, the more of your view it blocks. So you must grab it when it is as close to you as possible, but not with it centred in your view – instead, grab it when the centre of your helmet is aligned with the top of the battery, so that it only blocks the lower half of your field of vision.
  • Head back to the empty battery compartment on the damaged Fox. Get close to it and point the centre of your helmet at the hole, and you should get an ‘Insert battery’ tooltip. Click and the battery will be automatically inserted; then toggle the locking lever and close the battery compartment.
  • Return to the airlock on your own Flying Fox, open it, and retrieve the battery from inside.
  • Insert this dead battery into the empty compartment on your own Flying Fox, then lock it in place and close the compartment. Since you left the ‘Recharge Allow’ button pressed, it will start charging automatically.
  • Fly to the far side of the damaged Flying Fox. The airlock should now have the lights on the door lit, indicating it has power. Use the exterior handle to open the airlock and head inside.
  • Once the airlock has cycled, hang your helmet on the rack – it would block your vision if you wore it in the pilot’s seat
  • Head into the main compartment, sit down at the pilot’s seat, and turn the seat to the flight position
  • Activate the battery you just installed – battery 2 on this ship – and tie it to system bus 1 only
  • The fault alarms will go off; silence them
  • Activate the LENR system and start it pre-heating. Do not activate the fuel cells; they take more time and more power to heat up than the LENR
  • While the LENR is heating, activate the RMS and pressurize all tanks. Also, activate the cabin’s HVAC systems – it’s cold in there!
  • Once the LENR is heated, connect it to tank 4 and start it up, then tie the main bus to system bus 1, system bus 2, and the utility bus. You now have full power to all systems
  • Start both batteries recharging, and connect both of them to both system buses
  • Continue starting up all other systems as normal
  • Once the damaged Fox is fully up and running, bring up your sensors page, find the station you came from, and target it
  • Switch your display to tracking mode, aim for the station, and burn for a rendezvous
  • Warning: Because you have another Flying Fox docked to the back of your ship, lateral and vertical RCS translations won’t work quite right; if you try to burn up, down, left or right, you’ll find yourself also rotating in the same direction. I suggest just using forward and back translations for most of the trip; only use the other translations at the very end when you’re matching speed with the station
  • Try to stop about 250m away from the station, and match its velocity as closely as you can
  • Optional: the following steps will be somewhat easier if you are in sunlight. Check the external view; if you are in the shadow of a planet, or just about to enter the shadow of a planet, you may want to use SAN to wait until just after dawn before continuing. If you do, be sure to check your distance and velocity relative to the station and correct for any drift during SAN
  • Check that your autopilot is enabled, with all three axes on (roll stabilize, pitch stabilize, and yaw stabilize), and that all exterior lights are on
  • EVA back to the other Flying Fox and sit down in the pilot’s seat (remember to take your helmet off)
  • Undock from the damaged Flying Fox by releasing the emergency clamps (this can only be done from the ship which activated them in the first place, which is why you had to EVA back first)
  • Contact the station on the open frequency, request docking permission, and dock as normal
  • Bring up the sensors page and not the direction and distance of the damaged Flying Fox. Switch to external view and check that you can find the ship visually in the indicated direction
  • Secure and shut down the ship as normal
  • Once the ship is secured and shut down, exit the ship on EVA. Remember to close the door behind you from the outside; you’re not coming back this time
  • Locate the damaged Flying Fox in the same direction as before (remember, the airlock you just came out of is on the port, i.e. left, side of your ship) – this should be easy enough, since it has its lights on and is less than 1km distant
  • Fly to and board the damaged Fox
  • You can remove both your helmet and your EVA suit this time; you’re done EVAing
  • Head to the pilot’s seat – remember to close the airlock compartment door behind you once you enter the main cabin – and sit down
  • Contact the station on the open frequency, request docking permission, and dock as normal
  • Secure and shut down the ship as normal
  • That’s it! Mission complete.
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