Call of Duty: WWII – Round 20 Prologue Challenege Guide

In this guide i will be discussing a pretty easy way to get to round 20 in prologue and getting the achievement (Pressure Cooker), Some people may know about this and some may not. There’s a way to open a secret room that has the mystery box in it. To do that you need to shoot 10 lamps around the map.

Lamps Locations to Get the Mystery Box

All credit goes to SkyDreamer!

  • 1st location is near the stairs where you start.
  • 2nd location is outside the window near the stairs (you might want higher your brightness for this one).
  • 3rd location is above the stairs near spawn.
  • 4th location is near the armor and it’s sitting on a chair.
  • 5th location is near the armor on the table.
  • 6th location is location in the small room after you go down the stairs.
  • 7th location is exactly on your right when you go down the stairs.
  • 8th location is hanging on the stick near the main stairs.
  • 9th location is outside the window near the second stairs (you might want to higher your brightness for this one too).
  • 10th location is on the top floor near quick revive.

After successfully shooting the 10 lamps you will now be able to see the mystery box in the top floor.

Training Method to Get to Round 20

It isn’t that hard to get to round 20, But it can get tricky sometimes since the spawns have no exact sequence. This is by far the easiest method to use to get to round 20. It involves going around a circle in the whole map, as simple as that.

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