Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Town: Round 40+ Strategy (Solo)

In this guide, I’m going to be showing you my strategy to get to round 40+ on solo town!

Round 1-2

All credit goes to HarelTheGamerX!

Shoot each zombie 7 times in the foot and then, knife him. On round 2, shoot each zombie 5 times in the leg and then, knife him.
When you got enough points, open the Jugger nog building and buy the MP5, then save some points for Jug and buy it.

Round 2-3

Shoot one bullet of the MP5 on the zombie leg and then knife him, if there are zombies that are close to each other, just shoot with the MP5 until they dead.

Round 3-8

Open the bar and buy Quick Revive, then, save points to buy Double Tap, and then, buy Stamin up. For training you should be on the spot next to the Jug building, train some zombies there and then go to the stamin up area, turn around, and start shooting them, then train them a bit on the stamin up area and do the same but to the Jug training spot (Make sure there is no zombie that gonna spawn behind you), then, just repeat.

Round 8-13

Buy Olympia from the wall (Don’t replace the MP5 with it) and use the MP5 to get enough points to pack a punch it. Use the MP5 until round 13 and open the box until you’ll get monkey bombs. Use the same training strategy as round 3-8.

Round 13-17

If you didn’t got monkey bombs yet, it means your luck sux. Just kidding, just keep doing it until round 17 and then, you need to start saving up points in case you’re gonna get down, so you’ll have enough points to buy your perks again, monkey bombs is helpful to save you from bad situations or give you some space when you’re buying all your perks back.

Round 17-20

Train the zombies in the lava pit that close to the stamin up training area, use the Hades (Pack a punched Olympia) and remember to shoot the zombies only when your back is facing the bank, where no zombie can go from behind, if someone’s blocking you, try to use your monkey bomb and throw it to the bar, then go to the stamin up area and train them (Don’t shoot there, it is easier to train without shooting and this place is kinda tight anyways) until you can come back to the lava pit.

Round 20-40+

Use the same strategy as round 17-20, in case you’re going down, shoot as much zombies as you can when you’re bleeding out so you’ll have space to go after you’re reviving yourself, then, first you wanna get Jugger nog, throw the monkey bomb to somewhere else in case there is any zombie in front of you, then go to the quick revive, then to the double tap, and then to the stamin up. This is a great timing to use your monkey bombs to get all your perks back, becasue it would be very difficult to face a zombie without any perks. If you’re out of ammo train the zombies and try to buy ammo at the same time, use your monkey bombs if they trapped you because the spot where you can buy ammo at, is very tight and hard to train at. In case you’re out of quick revives, don’t open the bank and buy speed cola, you will have only 3 perks, but when the bank is opened, the zombies can get from behind, even when your back if facing the bank, so they will have a chance to get behind you no matter where you are, and then, you’ll have no time to shoot them safely without the risk of zombie getting behind you.

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