Call of Duty: WWII – How to Get Free Gold Camo for P08 Luger Pistol

This is how you can get free gold camo on the P08 using a minor glitch in the game.

What You Will Need

All credit goes to PyroPan!

  • The P08 Pistol, it’s unlocked from the start so you will have it
  • The Rifleman Basic Training Perk, it allows to take another primary weapon as a secondary
  • A gun with gold camo that’s not a pistol or the shovel, this is why you need the Rifleman perk

How to Do It

  • First equip the Rifleman perk and equip your gun that has gold camo, then go to the gun customization screen and equip the gold camo.
  • After that, change out the Rifleman perk for any other perk that doesn’t replace your secondary weapon.
  • The game will default your secondary to the P08, check the customization screen, and the P08 will have gold camo. This does not work for the shovel, 1911, or Machine Pistol, if you try to switch to the other pistols, they will be default and have no camo.
  • This can be used to have any camo you want on the P08, Copper, Bronze, Diamond, etc. And the camo will show up in game, I’ve tested it several times myself.

So in the end, your P08 should be like this (minus the Husky pistol grip):

Call of Duty: WWII - How to Get Free Gold Camo for P08 Luger Pistol

This also works with the Serrated Perk, so you can get Gold on the shovel in a similar fasion in performing this glitch with the P08. You can also change varients and it will still keep the Gold camo.

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