Geometry Dash – Easy Way to Obtain Tonight, We Dine in Geometry Dash!

An easy way to get the Seahorse ship and the “Tonight, We Dine in Geometry Dash!” Achievement.

How to Obtain

You have to beat 1,000 user created levels in nornal mode in order to unlock the Seahorse ship and achievement.

The Easy Method to Obtaining

The easiest way I can find to obtain this is to set the search filter to “Auto” levels and just let them play in the background while you watch a movie or something. Since levels are only so long you should back every few minutes to click on new levels. This will take a while but at least there is no actual playing required.


  • Search “Auto” levels
  • Play any auto level and leave it idle as it will complete itself
  • Check back minute or so to put on new level
Written by Dolphyn

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