Warframe – Mining for Maximum Loot

Explanation on how you get loot from mining and how to maximize this.


Use Secondary Fire to zoom in when you’re 5m away from the ore deposite, then wait 2 seconds for it to scan, then trace the white outline. Simple right?

The Meat of the Matter

There is a Cut Quality bar at the top of the interface that determines how much loot you get. To increase this you must trace as much of the white outline as accurately as possible.

To make is as easy as possible to trace the outline, while still being able to see the outline for nearly the entire time, zoom in and move either to 4 meters for small sized shapes, 5 meters for medium sized shapes (Most of them.) or 6 meters for large shapes. Then wait 2-3 seconds so the cutter can scan the rock and make the outline last longer, then simply trace the outline as fast as you can while still staying entirely on the white outline.

Ore rocks will drop 2x the cut quality rounded up sometimes (If you get a 2.5 cut quality you’ll usually get 6) of whatever that they’ll drop.

Gem Rocks will drop the same cut quality rounded up. Unless it’s an Eidolon gem, then you’ll only get 1 at a time.

Rock Types and Contents

The Red Rock is Ore, it will drop the following: Pyrol, Coprun, Ferros, and Auron.

Warframe - Mining for Maximum Loot

The Blue Rock is Gem, it will frop the following: Azurite, Devar, Veridos, Crimzian. If you have the Advanced Nosam Cutter they can also drop Sentirum and Nyth.

Warframe - Mining for Maximum Loot

The Cutters and Their Differences

Nosam Cutter: Can only detect ore at a distance of 30 meters, can detect 5 rocks at a time. Extremely unstable, basically a can of silly string.

Focused Nosam Cutter: Can detect ore at 45 meters, can detect 10 rocks at a time.
A good bit more stable than the Nosam Cutter, this is more like a hose with someone messing with the line.

Advanced Nosam Cutter: Can detect ore at 60 meters, can detect 10 rocks at a time.
Perfectly stable, basically a laser pointer that leaves silly string on everything, will also highlight every rock’s location on your map within 50 meters.


  1. The pings increase in volume as you get closer, and increase in frequency when you look in their direction. Guide is a little unclear on that…

  2. No problem mate, thank you for making this guide! Didn’t know about the alt fire haha. By the way the markings on the map are a little hard to see (for me at least). Forgot to add that in my original post because I always rush through things.

  3. I have a theory, seems like Nyth spawns most if you start the map in day time, and Sentirum spawns most if you start at night time.
    Also, you can mention resource boosters apply, and that Kavat boost does too.

    For some reason tho, my accuracy/Cut quality never changes the quantity of mined stuff :\ idk if i’m just not noting enough.
    You forgot to mention that the cutter upgrades also make the beam stabler, helping for cut quality.

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