Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Uses for Neuropozyne

The location of non-vendor NPCs who you can give Neuropozyne to.

If you are like me, you kept finding (read stealing) doses of Neuropozyne. The world in Mankind Divided is noted as suffering a shortage of the anti-rejection drug and you figured saving all the doses you find may pay off later, only to be at the end of the game with a truckload of the drug with no visible option besides sell them to the nearest vendor for a small fortune.

Well here are the NPCs who will take doses of Neuropozyne who arent random vendors.

Katazel (First visit to Prague)

Katazel, the local street informant, can be found in a courtyard across the street from Jensen’s apartment. He will take between 1 and 3 doses of Neuropozyne for just as many pocket secretaries he has that give mark Points of Interest on your map.

Tesera (First visit to Prague)

Tesera, the bartender in the bar next to Jensen’s apartment, will take a dose of Neuropozyne in trade for access to her basement which hides a stash of loot behind a hidden wall.

Sobchak Security Staff (1st visit to Prague)

On the plaza, near the TF29 HQ, is the Sobchak Security building. The staff member at the front desk will take a dose of Neuropozyne in trade for access to the shop’s basement, which contains various loot.

Dr. Onziema (Golem City)

Straight ahead from where you land in Golem City, just before the staircase, is Dr. Onziema. If you choose “Barter” during one of her conversation options, you can trade a vial of Neuropozyne for some information on Talos Rucker.

Edward or Irenka (Golem City)

Head left, before you get on the elevator to ARC territory, up some stairs, you will find a small and cramped living space. In the back most room will be either Edward Brod or Irenka Bauer, depending on how you handled the side quest “The Golden Ticket”. No matter which one appears in the room, they will ask you for a dose of Neuropozyne due to the critical shortage. You get nothing in return besides the knowledge that you helped the person you couldnt authorize to stay in Prague.

Katazel (2nd visit to Prague)

Upon returning from Golem City, Katazel will have relocated to the courtyard across from Autodily. As before, you can trade him 1 – 3 vial of Neuropozyne for just as many pocket secretaries that make more Points of Interest on your map.

Katazel (3rd visit to Prague)

Upon coming back to Prague from the GARM facility mission, Katazel will have reloacted again. This time he can be found on the ground floor of the Libuse apartment, set up shop in one of the storage lockers. Same as always, he will take 1 – 3 vials of Neuropozyne in trade for just as many pocket secretaries that mark Points of Interest on your map.

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