Mechanic Miner – How to Make the Air Pump Setup

Basic guide on how to make a Air Pump setup to get to manganese.


Many have asked how to build the ventilation system to get past the stale air (fume) in the mines. So I’ve made a simple guide to show you how.

Mechanic Miner - How to Make the Air Pump Setup

Air Pump Setup

To ventilate the air you’ll need to place an Air Pump system just outside of the fume. You can make a platform for the setup if you like.

The Air Pump needs to be powered by rotation from an engine (using belts) and the engine needs to be powered by steam from a boiler (just like on a vehicle). Your setup could look something like the picture to the right. Notice that both the boiler and the Air Pump are connected to the engine because they are placed next to the engine.

You’ll need a Switch to turn the engine on since you want to have it running all the time while you run into the fume-area. Look at the setup in the picture to the right, notice that the Switch is turned on and connected to the engine. The Air Pump is now sucking in fresh air.

Air Tethers

Now create an Air Tether somewhere near to the setup you just made (but not attached to the setup!). You should see a connection between the Air Tether and your setup. If you have the engine running, and the setup outside the fume, you should see fresh air comming out of the Air Tether.

Mechanic Miner - How to Make the Air Pump Setup

Keep placing Air Tethers further and further in. The Air Tethers will connect automatically, and you should be safe as long as your Air Pump setup is running.

That’s it.

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