Okami – Mini Game Achievements

Dog Eat Dog

Beat Hayabusa’s turnip-digging record.

This achievement can be done right away in Kamiki Villiage. Talk to Mushi and he will challenge you to beat Hayabusa’s top turnip-digging record. You start this mini game by digging up a turnip from Mushi’s mom’s garden. Be careful, she will try to hit you and if she does, you will have to start over. A good tactic is to scribble a bit of ink on her so she gets stunned for a few moments. Another thing to remember is the game is not over until you give the last turnip to Mushi.

Diggin’ It

Complete five digging mini games.

The first mini game is located in Sasa Sanctuary, where you must help Mr.Bamboo find the source of the hot spring water. The second one is at Sei’an City, to restore the water that was blocked by the rampaging Water Dragon. The third one is again at Sasa Santuary, where you help Kaguya find her space ship.

The last two are not part of the story. One of them is at Taka pass, look for Mr.Bingo. This one is a bit tricky since you have to make your way to the top before starting to dig to the bottom, the reward for beating it is a Sun Fragment. The last one is at Dragon Palace, look for the dancing group of Dragonians. Your reward for beating this one will be a new Brush Technique!

Eat My Flower Trail

Win the race against Ida and Hayate

Ida is at Shinshu field where as Hayate is at Ryoshima Coast. As with all racing mini games, Veil of Mist will not work on them. Talk to one of them and they will challenge you to a race. Be careful, as they drop spikes that will slow you down and if you fall too far behind you will have to forfeit the race. Remember when you dash you gain speed right away! The best tactic I’ve found is to try to cut them off and dash into them head on.

Dog Gone Fast

Win the race against Kai.

Kai is found at the entrance to Yoshpet, you will have to race her through the 3 stages of Outer Yoshpet. This can only be done after you complete Wawku Shrine. Some tips would be to ignore pretty much everything. Trees, Ice, Time extensions, etc. Your main worry will be the snowballs, which you can cut yourself out of if you get frozen. Remember to dash right away to gain your first stage of speed. Your speed will not decrease when you jump or turn, only If you stop or get hit so try to keep your top speed as much as possible through the race. There are also a few small shortcuts that you can try to memorize.

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