Okami – How to Get Out of the Gate Swinging Achievement

Out of the Gate Swinging

Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves.

You will need the technique Digging Champ to find these (you can learn it at the Ryoshima Dojo). When you reach these areas for the first time, you will have to fight a Bandit Spider which will yield a reward of its own. Upon coming back, a trial gate may be awaiting. If it is not there, you might have to progress through more story and come back.

The three gates, from easy to hard, are located here:

  • Ryoshima Coast: Look for a hard digging spot near some cows, on the way to the cave that leads to the Guardian Sapling. Must have defeated all the forced fights within the area. 
  • North Ryoshima Coast: On the middle island of the three to the west. Must have completed Oni Island. 
  • Kamui: Behind a frozen waterfall below the path leading to Wep’keer. Must have defeated Wawku Shrine. 

The shrines start off simple enough but become increasingly hard. Some tips would be to use AOE brush techniques and Veil of Mist as well as to dodge enough to keep your Godhood up so that if you do get hit, it won’t do much. Also bring some Vengence Slips, Exorcism Slips, Steel Sake and Holy Bones, you will most likely need them as things get hectic.

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