Okami – How to Get Sniff ‘Em Out Achievement

Sniff ‘Em Out

Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List.

You need to complete all four wanted lists to get this achievement!

You will have to talk to a person in a specific area to receive the list. Once you have the list, make sure it is night (The monsters will only appear at night), enter some Demon Scrolls and start battling! Once you’ve defeated all the monsters on the list, return it to the person and you will receive some Gold Dust.

  • The first list is located in Shinshu Field, at the house on the way to the Moon Shrine. Battle monsters in Shinshu field.
  • The second list is located at Kusa Village’s Inn. Battle monsters in Taka Pass. 
  • The third list is located at Yama’s restaurant (in Sei’an City, only at night). Fight monsters at Ryoshima Coast. 
  • The fourth list is located in Kamui, look for a house with a bunch of signs in front of it. Fight monsters in Kamui.
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