Dungeon Defenders II – Resetting Your Progress with Ancient Power

Just a couple of things that you have to make sure before you gain ancient power.

To all of the players who are late-game and are about to reset

Please, before you try to reset and gain ancient power, you must make sure that:

  • You have one hero for each defense that you want to use and at least one DPS hero.
  • You have a great amount of gold and medalions lying around (at least 50m gold and 5k medalions, depending on the amount of stuff you’ll need to upgrade)
  • You are properly prepared, have enough amount of shards for each defense that you want to use and at least four of your heroes are properly geared up
  • You maxed out the starting ascension as much as possible by beating as many floors as you can past floor 65 in onslaught

You don’t really need to get extra ascension levels (unless there’s a double XP event going) for extra starting ascension since its gonna take a lot of time and it’s better to start with what you have.

Speaking of shards, the most important ones that you have to have:

  • Deadly Strikes (REALLY important if the starting ascension is <210)
  • Power Transfer
  • Defense Critical Damage
  • Defense Critical Strike (REALLY important if the starting ascension is <60)
  • Defense Rate
  • Any of the defense exclusive shards e.g. Enhanced Poison, Heavy Cannonball

Having a couple of hyper shards can really help you out sometimes as well, but you don’t really have to get them unless you want to.

Also, even though they are really helpful, they are super expensive to upgrade (2k medalions or 2m gold in case you didn’t know), so if you’re willing to use some, make sure to get the extra gold or medalions.

Once you met all of these conditions, you are now ready to gain ancient power and start over again from C1.

Good luck and have fun!

Written by Pineytrap

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