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The Use of Items

Put the item in a quickslot, left clicking will let you use it after you chose the slot by its number or by a click on the slot with your mouse cursor.

There are some items ingame that you can’t place that easy, you need to pull those into a quickslot, activate the slot and press E on your keyboard afterwards to choose “activate free placement”. Now you can drop the item anywhere and also pick it up again afterwards. You can usually also at building pick up the last dropped items for about 1-2 minutes.

Warning: Trees can fall on you and even kill you if you aren’t careful. Trees need to be cut down again after chopping them down to get their different materials, which are wood pieces, logs, bark, branches and resin. With the resin you can craft torches. The wood pieces are used at fireplaces to build or refuel them and at the oven to start a fire. You need to pull that wood into a quickslot and face the oven or fireplace to left click for a while till it gets added. Afterwards you’ll need to lighten the fire with a flint lighter. The flint lighter can be crafted with 2 flint at your crafting menu in your inventory. You can also press tab to open this menu.
To place things you just crafted you can use the menu shown to your right of the screen to turn the object and by a right click or by choosing any different quick slot you can get rid of the item on your cursor. Rotate objects by using the keys J,K and L on your keyboard. Try out Crtl + WASD.

Something I personally considered to be very important is to realize that you may not overlook that the crafting stations menu offer you very often to craft the same thing with different materials, for example the spinning wheel offers to choose from 3 yarn rolls to craft either with flax, or with cotton or with sisal the yarn. Same for leather that can be made by all kinds of pelt that drops from enemies. Took me a while to realize this and a couple of other workbenches offer this option too.

The bellows can be crafted by leather or by using fabric instead. So much for the pacifists and scaredy cats 🙂
To unlock crafting recipes you only need to collect all the available materials one time, you don’t need to carry them afterwards all the time. You might need to craft a saw and use it on logs for building wooden things till the wood building tier does show up with doors, tables and all the beams and blocks to build houses.

The Most Important: Food!

The fire can be used to cook fruit. You’ll need berries, melons, pineapple or could also use potatoes, carrots or other vegetables to roast something different than meat or fish or cook some stew. Indeed the cooked food will feed you for longer than any raw food will do. You should also take it with you on the travels to not starve out there on the ocean. Grain can be converted to flour in the mortar and corn seems to be consumed raw only.


Some basics about creating clothes. You can craft some grass clothes in the beginning, it eats only some rope and grass up, except you like the attractive underwear you’ll start with too much or just love to be out in the cold. There are a lot of skins in the item shop but you’ll find also plenty for free in the crafting menu. To produce those items you’ll need to craft thread and fabric with a spinning wheel and a loom. I personally preferred to at first take care of the canvas for my sails. The big mast eats up 10 of the fabric which did kinda use up most of my cotton on my island. It can be smart to break down (gets offered if you click on a cotton plant in your inventory) some of those plants to regain some seeds and replant the cotton plants. It will grow within 2-3 days. By the way another important hint, if you are the lucky one that found a desert island in the game you will be out of trouble of replanting to produce thread because the sisal plants need to only be planted one time and give then continuously leaves that you can use for crafting yarn and fabric.


If you decide to go into any cave you should prepare with food, lots of light sources, maybe also with some way signs and medical supplies, if you don’t prefer to dig your way out after getting totally lost in the huge cave systems. Warning: The fall damage in caves can be deadly!

Weather Effects

Storms are wild in Ylands. They will effect your building, sailing and lighting. There is normal rain and fog and snowfall that will only reduce your sight a bit but have no big influence on you, but there are also a lot of storms that will take your sight and create a rough sea and maybe even blow out your torches outdoors.

Taming Horses

You can tame a horse by feeding grass or fruit. You need to put the food into a quick slot and click on it to feed the horse. First it will turn from wild to friendly, then the game will offer you to name it. Right click on it to mount it and to get of right click it again. If you press E on your keyboard you can summon your horse by whistling.

A Command to Get Unstuck

Yes there is one but if you use /unstuck 0 or /unstuck 1 while you are sailing you might end up on any island.

First/Third Person View and Local Chat

If you want to change view just press C on your keyboard.
Local chat seems to only work if you are in a range where people could still hear you.

When Night Falls

If you play singleplayer you can easily skip the night by sleeping. If you just started out you should dig a tiny cave into a hill to make sure that the game lets you also sleep at bad weather because it will usually refuse to let you do so if it’s raining. In multiplayer you are currently not allowed to sleep at all, which means you better make sure not to get stuck at bad weather and in the night on the ocean if you can’t spend the time somehow useful, because building a shelter and bed on the ship won’t help.

How to Find Materials Like Metal

Metal, coal, flint, clay, sulfur and salpeter are not to be found in caves, except to gold they are patches on the ground nearby mountains or hills. They got different colours. Copper is red, iron looks like silver, clay got a lightbrown sandcolor (lighter than the beach), flint is almost white, coal is of course black. You’ll fast see the patches from distance and be able to distinguish them.

Underwater Diving Equipment

There is some diving equipment like flippers that you can craft. You need to get rubber from the rubber trees of a tropical island. You need to farm it with a knife in your hands. After taking the rubber from the tree it needs to recover for a while before you can farm it again.

The Crafting of Tools and Weapons

Press Tab to open your crafting menu or go to your inventory and look there for the menu. The things that are red marked you can’t craft at the moment. Probably you are just missing some materials to do so. You can see the number of the same item you could craft in the items crafting picture to the right down corner. To craft something you can either right click on its picture or just left click on it and then on the craft button.
The materials you’ll use up will get shown to the right down side of the window.

Written by Luna Plays

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