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Knife and Hammer

Knife and hammer are basic tools you’ll always need for crafting.

Tanning Rack

Allows you to craft leather from hide. To craft the rack you need 6x poles and 2x any rope. The leather is used at armour and the bellows for the smithy.

Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel, turns flax, cotton, or sisal into yarn. It is crated with 6x poles and 2x any rope. It takes 3x of these ingredients to make 1x yarn. If you create sewing kits keep in mind that they are not always a one time use items, for some thing they can be reused. You need to craft a needle and a yarn to craft the sewing kits.

Weaving Loom

This loom turns yarn into cloth. It takes 6x poles and 2x any rope to craft the weaving loom. For each piece of fabric you got to craft 3x yarn in the spinning wheel before.

Smelting Furnace

The smelting furnace is powered by coal and allows you to create ingots from ore. It requires a single piece of coal to fuel, which gets added by putting the coal or charcoal in a slot of your hot-bar and then facing the oven and pressing the quick slot till the coal was put in. After this, a lighter must be used to lighten the furnace. You need 15 clay to craft it.

Blacksmith Forge

The blacksmith forge requires to pre-craft items before you can build it with them (bellows & anvil). It requires a single piece of coal or charcoal to fuel, which must be added by putting the coal in a slot of your hot-bar. After this, a lighter must be used to start the fire. It gets crafted by 20 clay + 1 anvil + 1 bellows by using a hammer.

  • Anvil needs: 1x ironingot by using a hammer
  • Bellows need: 3x leather or 3x cloths + 1 sewing kit (1 thread and 1 needle) gets crafted in the crafting menu.


The kiln will unlock recipes for crafting glass, windows and bricks. It is crafted by 15 clay.
You need a single piece of coal to use the kiln. Lighten it afterwards as usual.


The paperpress you will probably only use one time to craft your map. The map is needed to know later on still where you did already sail. For the paperpress you need 5 logs + 10 iron ingots by using a hammer.
To craft paper you need to at first craft at the fireplace or stove wood pulp.


To craft it you will need 5 raw glass and 5 iron ingots by using any hammer. Inside of this dyingstand you can recolour items if you crafted some pigments too.

Alchemy Table

The alchemy table is meant to craft potions. You can craft this bench with 8 nails, 8 planks, one glas flask by using any hammer.

In the forest you will sometimes find some magic plants with strangely bubbling blossoms, those get always used for the potions. The magic dust can also be found sometimes in caves and you can produce it by putting the blossoms in the mortar. The glowing mushrooms from the caves are btw also for a potion. Here is a list of potions and their ingredients:

  • Berry Head Potion 10x Raspberries + 1x Magic dust – Shrinks your head
  • Cold Resistance Potion 10x Bearberries + 1x Magic dust – Protects you from extreme cold
  • Craftman’s Potion 5x Grain + 1x Magic dust – Allows to instantly craft things
  • Glow Potion 1 Glowing mushroom + 1x Magic dust – Illuminates the area around you
  • Health Potion 5x Echinacea + 1x Magic dust – Heals 3 hearts
  • Heat resistance Potion 5x Desert sage + 1x Magic dust – Protects you from extreme heat
  • Life-changing Potion – 1x Toadstool Mushroom + 1x Magic dust – Change gender
  • Melon Head Potion 10x Wild Melon + 1 x Magic dust – Get a bigger head
  • Potion of flight 10x Snapdragon Plant + 1 Magic dust – Fly for a while
  • Potion of speed – 5x Bonedust + 1x Magic dust – Get faster
  • Potion of strength – 5x Spinach + 1x Magic dust – Get stronger
  • Water Breathing Potion – 1x any Coral + 1x Magic dust – Dive without breathing problems


30 steel plates, 5 large steel tubes, 1 auger, 2 vacuum tubes, 1 drive belt by using any hammer to build this one.

Chemistry Station

You will need 10 planks, 10 nails, 3 steel rods, 1 labburner, 5 glass flasks by using any hammer to craft this workbench.

Energy Stove

This one needs 3 energy coils, 5 iron ingots by using any hammer to craft it.

Energy Workbench

To craft it take 10 planks, 10 nails, 1 soldering iron, 1 magnifying glass by using any hammer.

Locksmith Table

10 planks, 10 nails, 10 iron ingots, 1 vice, 1 drive belt by using any hammer.

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