HITMAN – Silent Assassin / Suit Only Guide for Holiday Hoarders

Please note: All credit goes to The Hero of Gotham!

Here i show you the Silent Assassin/ Suit Only Walkthorugh for Holiday Hoarders.

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Paris / Holiday Hoarders

  • What you need in your Inventory: Nothing
  • Smuggle Object: None
  • Where to start: Palace Garden

HITMAN - Silent Assassin / Suit Only Guide for Holiday Hoarders

How to do it:

First you need to skip the intro, then go to the cellar.
There you need to watch out that Marv “Slick” doesn’t see you, otherwise he would make a lockdown. Get behind him, eliminate him and hide his body in the near by crate. Then go to the stairs near the kitchen and run up at the first floor. Now go to the left and go straight.

At the first door go in the room and eliminate Harry “Smokey” Bagnato. Hide his body in the locker and extract.

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