HITMAN – Tips for Silent Assassin

Please note: all credit goes to Christmas Are Coming!

I will provide a few tips for Silent Assassin such as easy kills and some mechanics.


Some disguises allow you to perform special actions legally:

  • Cook/Waiter can poison food or drink in front of a whole crowd and it wont raise any suspicion.
  • Guard can carry any large weapon. This does not apply to Professional mode where you will be suspicous with some weapons.

There are other special disguises that are in Opportunities that let you do actions but there are too much of them so I will mention only a few:

  • Helmut Kruger can do the Catwalk and meet with Dalia
  • The Pilot can distract the head surgeon.

Easiest Kills

A best way to kill a target whether an Elusive one or Normal one is to do an accident kill.

  • Chandelier drop, or any heavy object will result as an accident kill, you can do it publicly and no one will give a damn, be carefull to not get spotted while dropping/ shooting the object
  • Electric kill, such as chandelier drop this is also an accident, you just need a water pool and electricity.
  • Explosion kill, also an accident but only if it is a gas tank or oil or a fire extinguisher, simply shoot it once to trigger a timed explosion, twice to set it off early, be carefull because explosive devices that you bring are not counted as accidents.
  • Poison kills, theese do not count as accidents but in the final scoreboard you will get a bonus for no bodies found.
  • Drowning kills also an accident, simply chuck a rat poison into his drink and follow him into a bathroom or sometimes they will puke into a bin, depending on what is closer.


In professional mode theese are a big problem. If you take out the Hard Drive( you can shoot it for speed) all cameras will be disabled, and evidence will be deleted. In normal mode they are easy, for example in Sapienza there are three camera hard drive spots ( easiest one to get is in the town hall tower).


NPCs will go to the spot where thrown item is, not where it landed. so plan carefully other than that you can overflow a sink and get attention of first guy that walks by, or place a gun and if they notice it they will pick it up and carry it to the nearest box. They will also inspect bodies but you dont want that to happen.

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