Drift Zone – Easy Start Guide

A quick and easy guide to help you drift better using the Bunia 30 in Drift Zone.


In this quick guide I will give some easy to follow tips that might help you drift better than your friends.
It focuses mainly on gear ratios, as I find this is often key to better performance.

Drift Zone - Easy Start Guide

Gear Ratios

Having a good gear ratio can be a great help getting a better score.

If a ratio is too low, the engine may not turn the wheels fast enough and you will slow down. This is bad for maintaining a good drifting line.

The higher the number, the shorter the gear. So an example would be your gear ratio is (1.35) and you want it to rev faster. The answer is making it a bigger number (1.55).

Drift Zone - Easy Start Guide

Here is a good starting setup for the Bunia 30 using the stock tune.

This setup will help you get a feel for the car. You can adjust the ratios to suit your style.
I would suggest only changing one at a time and in small adjustments of between 5 and 10 points.

After adjusting, test the car on the freestyle track to see if you need to adjust more.

Differential Ratio

The differential ratio adjusts all of the gears at the same time. This should be used to make the gears shorter (bigger number) or longer (smaller number).

I suggest using this differential ratio to start out, with the gear ratio setup given in this guide. You can adjust this to suit your style also.


Hopefully the info in this guide can help you improve your drifting!

Drift Zone - Easy Start Guide

Here is all of the setup info from this guide on one screen.

I have left out the suspension and steering angle setups in the guide as I don’t feel they have an impact on the car in this game right now. So just set up the suspension so it looks good to you.

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