171 – How to Make Easy Money

The only way to earn huge money for weapons & clothing items is the car scrapping job. Here’s the tutorial how to do it.

Guide to Make Money Easy

How-To (Step-by-Step)

  • Find the vehicles across the street which has names in the following:
    • Crower – SUV Model
    • Holiday – Wagon Model
    • Power – Pickup Model
    • Furgone – Delivery Expresso Van Model
    • Federy – Sedan Model
    • CapVan – Van Model
  • Take any 2 vehicles & reach to those 2 specific destination without damaging any single dent of the vehicle, otherwise the selling cost gets decreased.
  • Once you sell them in the location, go to your safe house & save game so the money doesn’t wipe out.
  • Once the save is completed, the weather changes & those 2 car scrapping icons are back on the map.
  • Follow the process again & again. The money will get you around $50,000 or more depending on how many cars on the list you were able to scrap.


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