Bravium – Beginners Guide

Ten simple hints for new Bravium players.


The very first skill you’d better master as a Bravium player. Monsters deal damage only when they hit your Hero, but attack animation starts when the Hero will be on monster’s attack distance. If you step back (sometimes a few pixels is good enough) before the hit, your hero will evade all damage.

Defence Stance

If your hero equipped with a shield, they can acquire additional bonuses when moving backward. Bonus type depends on the shield type. Sword, Axe or Hammer shields gives you additional health regen, while magic shields provide mana regen. Use pauses between waves of monsters to regen health and mana.

Attack Cancelling

Moving back cancels current attack immediately. It will be useful if you don’t want to reflect the damage from target or your weapon can be broken. Sometimes you don’t want to kill a frontline enemy in case to prevent other enemies to get closer. Attack canceling and defense stance works fine even near the left border of the level.

Using Single Rune

You can use runic stones separately even if both of them are active (button 1 and 3 by default). You can do it if you collect specific runeword or single rune will give you more benefit right now.


Try to complete all special missions in the game. There are some crucial rewards here such as new weapons, skills, and talents. In addition, most of the steam achievements acquired by completing missions. Mission counter will increase only if the hero survives the level.

Inner Achievements

Inner achievements provide you cabbages for upgrades and stars for the talents. Most of them will be collected automatically. You can find useful to switch weapon classes and skills to complete some specific achievements. There will be a major help since unlocking of challenges later in the game.

Weapons Price

With normal and hard difficulty weapon prices will be increased with each buy. You’d better not purchase a new powerful one without a reason. A current weapon may be good enough and you can save a lot of gold if you control your budget, especially on the final levels.

Cabbage Economics

And about the budget. Don’t spend your cabbages irresponsibly. You’ll find soon that you cannot get all the upgrades and buy chests at a time. It’s far more safe to focus on 1-2 weapon classes and spend the rest on the chests and item craft.

Craft Items

Craft materials are colored cabbages. They can be acquired only while disassembling items in the lab. The red ones are the most common while violet cabbages can be found in high-level items only. Craft is less profitable in cabbage than buying a chest, so you’d better disassemble only the items you don’t use in any build.


You can only craft items that you ever get in your inventory. As far items are random in the chest, you need to buy more than one chest of each type to get the full collection of items. Fortunately, there are no entirely useless items, so you can adjust your strategy for better synergy with your items or re-craft those you don’t want to use.

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