GTA 5 – How to Make $300-400K and Hour Guide (The Doomsday Heist)

This guide shows you how to make 200K and hour using just 2 people and a doomsday heist facility. You will need the ability to replay the heists.

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This guide will not explain how to do any of the setups in detail and will only provide some tips that arent explained very well or at all on how to do it quick, it is mostly focused on the required method in order to make the money.
This guide will require the heist to be done on hard.

What You Will Need

You will need a few things for this method:

  • 2 Players (you can use more but your money will reduce as cut will have to be split further)
  • A Doomsday Heist Facility
  • The 911 Number in your phone (just dial 911 in game and you can get this added to your contacts)
  • $65,000 To start Act I of the heist
  • The ability to replay the heists
  • The ability to do the missions on hard (make sure your teammate is competant) 

If you so wish you can also enter a solo online session with your friend to make the preps a little less stressful. Although it isnt required.

First Prep (Ambulance)

This is the easiest setup to complete, while this is happening send the 2nd player (not the heist leader) down to southern los santos ready for the next prep as they will not be needed in this one.

To complete this prep quickly call up the 911 number on your phone and request an ambulance. This will deliver and ambulance to your current location and set it as the mission objective. From here grab the ambulance and drive back to your facility either losing the cops on the way or calling lester to get rid of them.

Second Prep (Akula)

GTA 5 - How to Make $300-400K and Hour Guide (The Doomsday Heist)

This prep is the one you want to do second. Ignore the deluxo one for now.
The 2nd player should already be in southern los santos by now.

The heist leader should drive to fort zancudo and complete the download of the location of the akula.
Kill anyone in the room with you a few seconds after you start the download because when you get a wanted level they will mow you down.

When the akula is revealed it should be somewhere near the second player, they have to grab it and fly it back simple.

Third Prep (Deluxos)

GTA 5 - How to Make $300-400K and Hour Guide (The Doomsday Heist)

The final prep is the boring and long one. Complete it as you would any other mission since I have no special steps to speed this one up.

Although do be aware of the following:

  • The four deluxos can be taken in separate missions so dont worry if you dont get all 4 in one try. 
  • The deluxos can be resprayed at any los santos customs not the one you are assigned when you collect them 
  • They can be taken by the cargobob in order to speed things up a little (if you can find one quick or own one yourself).

Dead Courier Setup

For this setup I recommend that the paramedic team uses shotguns for their job (preferrably the assault shotgun).

The helicopter retrieval team should be wary of any soldiers weilding strong weapons and be cautious as their isnt any respawns.

Deluxos Setup

For this setup there are ways not to die.


Always use missiles to destroy the vehicles.


Push up against the side of the truck to avoid the soldier in the back killing you. Ramming them into a tree or building is also a good option.


Wiggle the back of your car not to get shot through back window and also try to stay infront of the vehicle


1 person stick close to the plane but have 1 person turn around and kill the helicopters. Either sit below/behind them or turn around and kill them quickly. They dont pose much of a threat if you leave them alone anyways. When the plane is destroyed they will more than likely become passive if you leave them alone (at least they have in my experience).

Akula Setup

This is the most detail in this heist guide as this is probably the hardest setup.
I will walk through some useful tips for the different sections of the setup.
Kill all guards in stealth with headshots if possible. I would recommend a silenced rifle.

First stealth section (after landing)

  • Ignore the guard at the gate since he wont see you.
  • Shoot the first camera then the guard between you and it.
  • Shoot the stood alone straight ahead.
  • Kill the two guards stood by the two gates and proceed to the moving guards ignoring the ones at the main entrance. 
  • Kill the two moving guards and take cover.
  • Kill the head of security and get the keycard.
  • Run around the side of the building and Shoot the security camera and the two gaurds. The guard near the objective will start moving.
  • Turn around the corner and shoot the moving guard through the gate.
  • You are now clear to enter.

Inside the facilty

  • Kill the first scientist from the elevator. You wont be heard or seen but you walk out much further he will notice you.
  • If you can kill the guards in stealth. They are easy to kill and have very slow reaction times. This will stop NOOSE swarming the room until after you have hacked the servers.
  • It is adviseable to leave the servers on the side of the room where the lower entrance to the central control tower is facing until last since this will allow an easier escape.


  • Connect all four output nodes to the input node directly across and check.
  • Any remaining nodes connect with others so that a cross is made by the top two nodes and the bottom two nodes.
  • This should then be easy after that step.

Noose Swarm Inside

  • Run as far as you can toward the centre before encoutering enemies.
  • Clear out the centre section as much as possible (there is always on on the walkway to the elevator).
  • Run for the stairs and then to the elevator (most of the glass is bulletproof).

Noose Swarm Outside

  • Stay relatively near the door and shoot all noose moving towards you. There arent many if you did the inside bit in stealth. 
  • You can take down choppers without spending money on explosives by shooting their tail rotors.
  • It it usually safe to run when more cars spawn outside the compound and begin to drive in. At this point just run for the heli.


  • The stealth mode will pretty much lose the cops for you but I suggest waiting a few seconds before activating it since it can cause a few issues with detection ticking on and off if you dont.

Heist Mission Setup Screen

Set the heist to hard (a visual glitch will show the payout as $650,000 but it isnt).

The cut will be split 60% (heist leader) and 40% (second player) since the second player made $32,000 for each setup amounting to $96,000.

Leader payout

  • The 60% cut will give the leader of the heist $487,500 from the heist
  • This with the original cost of $65,000 subtracted will give a total of $422,500

Second player payout

  • The 40% cut will give the second player $325,000 from the heist.
  • This added to the $96,000 from the setups will give a total of $421,000

If this heist is done is an hour or just over you can get money pretty quick.
If there is a cooldown, just switch hosts each time you do it.

Main Heist

Simple walkthrough of the main heist.


  • Park up nearby and use the marksman rifle to kill the couple of guys outside. 


  • Headshot as much as possible. Check every room along the way.
  • Watch for guys coming up the stairs in the lower office stretch as these can catch you off guard.
  • The heist setup room area on each level has a door that opens to reveal more enemies.
  • When each checkpoint triggers be careful since some enemies come rushing almost every time.

Cannon defence

  • Just have a field day blowing everything up. Nothing is really a threat just enjoy the experience.
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  1. OR you could just import/export + headhunter to make 300k an hour or add in bunker + coke for 390-480k an hour.

  2. Good help is so hard to find these days. Especially now that we’ve got a new wave of scrubs in the game. Nice work on the guide though.

  3. it can be replayed by disconn same as pac standard heist, wait for transaction pending and pull out network or (kill process and clear cache) set cloudsaves to off and come back in to invite only session from single player if you join a friends session from social club invite it also kills replay

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