EVERSPACE – Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Important Hints for Beginners

  • Use Strafe Left / Strafe Right to avoid hostile fire. 
  • Use Scanning Probe to find all resources and containers. Scanning probes are easy to craft. So don’t save them up. 
  • Use Laser-Weapons for Enemy-shields and Projectile-Weapons for hull. 
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and shields. U can do this in the inventory. The more blueprints u find, the better the mods u can craft. 
  • Look for freighter without escorts. When u destroy them u get much resources and some repair drones. Freighter don’t attack you. But be careful. Any ship near the freighter will attack you. 
  • Try to kill all enemies on every sector to get enough fuel and credits. 
  • If u have no fuel u also can attack the fuel tank of the stations. But every ship and all turrets will attack u. So be fast and get away after u get the fuel. 
  • Recycle all weapons u don’t need, to get the resources. 
  • If u have too much resources of one kind u can change it on trading stations for other resources. Do that even if u don’t need this resources. Maybe u will need them later. 
  • U can destroy mines. Don’t get to near! 
  • After death u should invest all credits, cause they will set to zero for the next run. 
  • Try to level up the perk for more credits very early.

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