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Day of Infamy - Guide for the FG42

Written by SLICK   /   Dec 22, 2017    
Day of Infamy - Guide for the FG42

This guide will help you understand how to use the Fallschirmjägergewehr 42.

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The FG42 can only be obtained while playing as the Wehrmacht, more specifically as the Kampfunterstützung. It costs 6 Supply. I recommend to take the FG42, remove all Grenades and take a Heavy Kit. It holds 20 round in it's mag.

Day of Infamy - Guide for the FG42

Selective Fire in Day of Infamy

Now in Day of Infamy there are 2 Fire modes, Semi Auto and Full Auto. Semi Auto, is the most common way to use this gun, as the low Ammo in the Magazine makes it very Ammo thirsty. Semi Auto should be used only at long distances.

Note: This weapon is a one hit kill.

For Full Auto, it's best to use as a Objective clearer or panic situations. The RPM is about 750 to 900.

FG42's Attachments

Now there are only 2 Attachmets for the FG42:

  • Sling 1 Supply
  • 4x Scope 5 Supply

The Sling makes you change weapon in your hotbar faster and the 4x Scope is just a useful Scope. Personally I like the scope better than the Iron Sights

Game:   Day of Infamy
Written by SLICK.