Call of Duty: Black Ops III – The Giant Solo Guide

Setting Up Before Starting the Game

Before we start our game we will set up our gobblegum and weapons. This strategy is using wall guns and does not require the use of perkaholic.

Starting weapons

  • RK5 Located in start area High round weapon
  • VMP Located inside the garage High round weapon
  • HVK Located near Teleporter C Early round weapon
  • KN-44 Located near Teleporter B Early round weapon
  • Vesper Located behind spawn area Early round weapon
  • VMP Located inside the garage Early round weapon

The attatchments on the gun do not have much in the way of variation, but they certainly do make a difference to the weapon. Using rapid fire on all assaults and SMG will speed up the time it takes to kill the zombies in the early waves. You are best to set up your weapons as you like but i will list how i have mine equipped for this strategy.

  • RK5 —- ELO Sight / Quickdraw / Longbarrel
  • VMP —- ELO Sight / Quickdraw / Grip / Stock / Rapidfire / Longbarrel
  • KRM —- ELO Sight / Fast mags / Grip / Stock / Rapidfire / Longbarrel
  • HVK —- ELO Sight / Quickdraw / Grip / Stock / Rapidfire / Longbarrel
  • KN-44 —- ELO Sight / Quickdraw / Grip / Stock / Rapidfire / Longbarrel
  • Vesper —- ELO Sight / Quickdraw / Grip / Stock / Rapidfire / Longbarrel


I only use 1 classic gobblegum for this, the megas i will use depending on the game, how far i go or how long i have. If i am to use mega gobblegum it is usually for perks or to get weapons from the box without unlocking firesale.


  • In Plain Sight. A lifesaver in many occasions, this is a chance to be more extreme with your training of zombies, which in turn speeds up your rounds. Be careful not to rely too much on this gobblegum and use it conservatively. 
  • Anywhere but here. For getting out of a sticky situation, i only use this as a backup for In plain sight, as the result is a random teleporting. Most of the time you are not far from a teleporter so you can teleport with a chance of a powerup back to the start area.


  • Immolation liquidation. 3 Firesales, all players can spam the box. These can be stacked and collected together to get 90 seconds of firesale from one gum. From one firesale it is possible to try the box 5 times (Best case scenario) 
  • Unbearable. Good for another chance at the box without getting firesale unlocked.
  • Respin cycle. Only when i have run out of the previous gums.
  • Unquenchable. Very unlikely to use this, as this map can be done with 4 perks, having 6 is just a luxury. I have used this in previous games and found minimal use in the extra perk.

Setting Up in the Early Rounds

The starting rounds 1-6

We will want to make sure that Staminup is the hidden perk in this map. To do this we will need 2500 points to open power and check the machine. I usually get this done as quick as possible by purchasing the Shieva off the wall and making quick headshots. This is not the most point efficient way but this map is very easy to open up.

To check the machine the best way i know is to shoot the mound of snow and listen for the glass sound. If the glass is on position 1 on the picture it is staminup, position 2 is Deadshot.

If it is staminup then we are good to go, if not then you will have to restart. I can tell you it is possible to run the high rounds without staminup. Tested when downed and revived in solo a few times However you have to play safer which results in slower rounds, and less extreme gameplay.

Letting the zombies into the map before killing them is preferable but not necessary, as long as you have collected enough points to open the doors to power. We will be keeping the door to the left (nearest to the shieva) closed throughout this game, so make sure to exit the start area using the door toward teleporter B.

Once we know we have staminup go grab a VMP (or a HVK if you have enough for the door and the gun) and go back to the start and blast the early rounds as fast as you can.

The dog round

By this point we will have enough points to buy a perk or 2. The only perk we have to wait for is Staminup so we will buy Juggernog, Doubletap and Revive.

Rounds 7-20

Now we have some objectives to complete.

  • Open the Packapunch.
  • Get Perks (Juggernog-Doubletap-Quickrevive-Staminup)
  • Get Monkeys
  • Get Deadwire on RK5
  • Get Blastfurnace on VMP 
  • With monkeys unlocked open up the hidden perk using the teleporter

These steps are likely to depend on how you use gobblegum. Getting the monkey before the teddy is quite rare in my experience, say 1 in 20 times or so. I have had games with and without firesale unlocked at higher rounds and i can safely say it is better not to have it unlocked for a better powerup rotation.

We will consider the game being played without megas as intended in the guide. Once we have our 3 perks go to the box location and cycle the box as many times as it takes to get the monkey. In experience i have known this to take over 40 tries of the box before getting it, but in these early waves and doubletap it is fairly risk free camping the bo locations while you cycle weapons.

If you wanted to play it safe you can save 2 zombies at the end of a wafve, but before wave 20 there is little need to do that.

The 2 scenarios we get are Monkey before, or monkey after teddy. Preferably we got monkey before teddy but if not then it is not a huge concern to lose possibly 2 drops of 4 in wave 80 +, that depends on your own preference.

But at least we have monkeys, so now we can go take our alternate ammo. This can also be good or bad depending on random luck. I have had scenarios of trying 1 time per weapon to get them straight away, to having to try a lot of times to get the set up i wanted.

The most amount of points you could spend in this instance is on the pack a punch and the alternate ammo. From personal experience getting the alternate ammo on your desired weapon can be a long process. The best way is to get your RK5 upgraded to deadwire first, before trying to get your other weapons upgraded. At least this way you can progress through the rounds in reasonable time, whilst also making points.

Dead wire will not produce powerups unless this gets patched, to me it seems like the game will stay this way as dead wire is almost identical to the way the wonderwaffee works. This means throughout the course of the round you will need to strategise and kill some zombies with damage or Blast furnace.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - The Giant Solo Guide

Remember when zombies are being effected by Blast furnace they can still damage and kill you. Make sure you are in a good spot and not likely to get cornered while it takes effect. The time from impact to the zombie dying from Blast furnace is approximately 3 seconds.

Alternate Ammo and Powerups

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - The Giant Solo Guide

We need 2 weapons, the VMP and RK5. With Deadwire on RK5 and Blastfurnace on VMP. We have Blastfurnace to obtain powerups as in The Giant Deadwire does not drop powerups.

I would recommend getting your Deadwire weapon first before the Blast furnace.

The power-ups in this map and their uses.

  • Death machine With instant headshots up to and past 100, this is the most useful powerup we will find with this strategy. The blue player should take this whenever possible and use the 30 seconds to kill as many as possible. This is usually a welcome opportunity to get other powerups 
  • Instakill Unload with your upgraded HVK and throw some grenades a safe distance. This is also a good oppertunity to obtain some other powerups to speed up these rounds. 
  • Max ammo We will mainly hope for ammo to refill our tactical grenades (monkey) as the rest of the guns we use in this strategy are replenishable 
  • Nuke For this map the nuke seems like an option only to be used in a revive situation or at the end of a round. Simply because in the time it has taken for the nuke to take effect and you are killing the next wave of zombies you could have killed double and more of that amount without the nuke. If your focus is on speed (which it usually is in co op games of zombies for reasons such as disconnect.) 
  • Carpenter is mainly useful in the early rounds, mostly for the 200 points. You will find as the rounds go on you are not seeing any carpenter if you stay in the start area while zombies are spawning. Using it will usually just slow your rounds down. 
  • Firesale With mega gobble gums this can be avoided. Considering 2 players need monkey from the box it is likely you will end up with firesale quite early. If you discuss with your teammate if you have gobblegums you can work together and avoid firesale drop altogether. Avoiding firesale does make a nice difference in the later rounds, as that firesale copuld have easily been a instakill or deathmachine.

High Round Speed

Weapon and Alternate ammo speed tips 

Once you have reached past round 40 the zombies spawn and running speed is increased, the most noticable difference seems at round 62, where collecting a full horde of zombies appears to be at its maximum speed. We will use this speed to our advantage, and make Deadwire our main weapon.

We do not want to collect a full 24 zombies to make the kills, that would start to cost us time, the best way is to use Deadwire constantly. This will kill up to 9 zombies each shot, and while those killed zombies are respawning we are killing up to 9 zombies again with our deadwire.

Most of the games i have played i managed to get into a smooth routine of:

  • Shoot a shot of deadwire to the window to either the left or right, judge it on how many zombies are there.
  • Once the effect is availible shoot however many zombies that have come into your area (usually5-10)
  • Whilst the Deadwire effect is playing, collect the remaining zombies, instantly firing the pistol until deadwire activates again. 
  • After killing the second bunch of zombies with Deadwire, we will switch to our blast furnace and take out the zombies that are in a group. You can collect a full horde if you like to maximise you powerup chance, but we are focusing on speed in this section. 
  • By the time the Blastfurnace has taken effect our deadwire will be ready to use again, so at your own judgement start to kill the zombies again using 2 cycles (or 3 depending on your training) of Deadwire and then 1 of Blastfurnace. 
  • Once you have your 4 Powerups, it is much faster to kill only with Deadwire. Getting the good Powerups will significantly speed up your round time.

The reason we will use Blastfurnace is only to obtain powerups, using Blastfurnace will slow us down slightly each time due to activation and effect time, but it is the only way we will get drops on these rounds.

Speed gained using powerups

If you are lucky enough to have monkey with no firesale unlocked you can enjoy 4 useful powerups each round, our 2 favorite powerups are going to be Deathmachine and Instakill.

  • Deathmachine The speed this thing will kill zombies at makes this powerup well worth making some effort for. If you get this you have a good chance of getting your other 3 drops in the round. With 1 shot kills up to and past round 100 Deathmachine is (in my opinion) the most useful powerup for this strategy. 
  • Instakill Using grenades and VMP you should easily get over 100 kills on an instakill, again giving easy chance to obtain your other 3 drops of that round.

Once we have 4 drops collected in that round (Taken or left) we will go back to using only the dead wire for kills, we have our drops no need for Blastfurnace.

Speed gained using Gobblegum

The gums i use for this strategy are used for more than one reason.

  • A backup if i get trapped, also this gives you more option to play risky. You will find you go a lot of rounds before even using it for a backup, but it is there. 
  • Even more concerning than your own mistakes, are the inevitable “Connection interrupted” messages a player will get playing online or offline. This is where that gobblegum will come in very useful to combat those few moments where you could have lagged to unavoidable death.

Ammo low!

We are using only wall weapons in this strategy, the only possible way to run out of ammo is using all monkeys and requiring more. Without mega gobblegum the only way is to get a normal max ammo or to attemp the teleporters for a drop.

I would not recommend using the teleporter for obatining a powerup after round 20, i have had a good few games of solo +80 rounds and very rarely seen a powerup after a teleport on those later rounds.

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