Rust – New Workbench Experimentation (Devblog 185)

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Workbench Experiment

In the devblog 185 developers added a new features, to the workbench and i tried to see what you can get if you put scrap in the workbenches so here is how much scrap u need for the experiment:

  • Workbench lvl 1: you will need 100 scrap for 1 random item! 
  • Workbench lvl 2: you will need 300 scrap for 1 random item! 
  • Workbench lvl 3: you will need 1000 scrap for 1 random item! 

I hope this was worth your time.

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Rust - New Workbench Experimentation (Devblog 185)

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    • you get a different one every time you do it and when there is no more left then there is standing that you have all the blueprints for this workbench:DD but if you want an ak for an workbench lvl 3 you have to be lucky to get it in first strike:D

  1. You have to find all the ammo and use the research table to learn them. (Its probably because of only patrolheli having the rockets)

  2. in your guide you’re missing the rocket, hv ammo, incid ammo, and the high velocity rocket, and incid rocket. all of the ones ive mentioned are in the tier 3 workbench

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