SCP: Secret Laboratory – Survival Guide

A complete guide to playing SCP: Secret Laboratory


SCP: Secret Laboratory is a game made in the Unity engine, bearing striking resemblance to GMod’s ‘Breach’ gamemode, and bases itself off of the game ‘SCP:Containment Breach’. The game is a multiplayer-only action game, which places a large amount of players within an underground facility, which is dedicated to the study of anomalous items. Each class has different goals within the facility, which will be detailed later. The game is still in development, and this guide will most likely be updated as the game matures.



  • TAB to open inventory (For SCPs, TAB to view abilities)
  • WASD to move
  • E to interact (Sometimes may need to hold E)
  • Q to use voice chat
  • SHIFT to sprint
  • LMB to shoot
  • RMB to aim/zoom/switch radio channels



This is one of the most basic and common classes within the game. D-Class subjects are prisoners within the facility. During the containment breach, the prisoners are let loose in the facility. Their main goal is to escape the facility, and avoid death. They can work with eachother, alone, or with any other class that will willingly help them. It is advised to acquire a keycard and a weapon as soon as possible, as both of these items are necessary to survival.

Nine-Tailed Fox

A slightly less common class early on in the game, Nine-Tailed fox is a squadron of SCP employed soldiers, with predetermined goals. They spawn outside of the facility from a helicopter, and must enter the facility. Their goals include liberating scientists to the outside, neutralizing D-Class subjects, Chaos Insurgency members, and all SCPs. This class is split into two categories: Commander and subordinate. Commanders have a better keycard compared to their subordinates, and are supposed to command them, but this is not enforced, nor required. All members of this class spawn with a keycard, energy weapon, and radio. Spectators may spawn as this class later in the game, making them the most numerous class of late game. It is advised to stick together, or use a radio to coordinate.

Chaos Insurgency

The Chaos Insurgency is a terrorist organization, their only goal being to cause trouble for the SCP Foundation. Chaos Insurgency members spawn in a truck outside of the facility. Their goals include rescuing D-Class, killing Nine-Tailed Fox members and avoiding SCPs. Although less plentiful then Nine-Tailed Fox, they spawn with an objectively better weapon, and also recruit spectators into their ranks.


Scientists are researchers at the facility, and slightly less useless then the D-Class are. They spawn with a keycard, and have the Nine-Tailed Fox on their side. They can choose to work with the D-Class, or kill them if they so desire.


SCP-049 is a plague doctor, who only desires to spread a zombie plague among healthy humans. It appears this has not yet been implemented into the game as of yet, and instead the SCP instakills humans upon contact. SCP-049 spawns into the heavy containment zone, and presents a clear but basic threat in that area until he is neutralized. If you play this SCP, setting up ambushes around corners can decimate even the most advanced NTF force.


SCP-079 is an advanced, sentient computer. It has gained control of the facility during the breach, and uses this to it’s advantage. It can shut doors, and toggle tesla gates. It’s main goal is to help SCPs kill humans by trapping the humans and setting off traps to turn them around.


SCP-106 is a rotting old man. A tall, pitch black figure who scares his enemies just by his appearance. SCP-106 has unique abilities compared to other SCPs, and is the only movable SCP that doesn’t instantly kill his targets. Instead, he teleports them into a pocket dimension, in which they must use skill to escape from. SCP-106 can walk through any door in the game, and set down a black puddle of rot, to which he can teleport to at any time. This is incredibly useful for camping important rooms and preventing the Alpha Warhead detonation. SCP-106 spawns in Heavy Containment, along with SCP-049.


SCP-173 is a large statue. This is the fastest moving SCP in the game, but with a catch: It can only move while not under direct observation. This means if a player is looking at it, it can not move. Luckily, humans must blink, and in this version of the game, they all blink at the exact same time, making moving closer and closer to humans a legitimate tactic. You insta-kill humans by snapping their neck. This SCP is extremely easy to kill, by walking around in a circle and shooting it as it moves closer, but if it catches you off guard, it can easily kill an entire team before someone even noticies they were being followed. SCP-173 spawns in Light Containment, making it an early threat to D-Class and Scientists.



The pistol is the weakest weapon in the game, even being referred to in the tutorial as ♥♥♥. It takes two headshots to kill, and has horrid accuracy and firerate. This is most likely only going to be used by D-Class and Scientists early in the game.


The SMG is found in the armory, and offers a fast firerate in exchange for high recoil and low damage. This is quite a rare weapon, and offers no unique traits over the heavier weapons. It’s only real purpose as-of-yet is to be better than the pistol.

Energy Rifle

The Energy Rifle is the weapon that all NTF start off with. This makes it extremely common in the mid to late game, as many NTF will have died at this point, and their bodies been looted for weapons by other players. The weapons has decent damage, a decent firerate, and god awful recoil. It is, however, better than both the SMG and the pistol.

Heavy MG

The Heavy MG is the weapon that all CI start off with. This makes it somewhat common in the mid to late game, as any CI will have died at this point. This is objectively the best weapon in the game. It offers high damage, high firerate, and great accuracy. If you see this weapon, use it, and you will outgun even a full team of NTF.


The radio is used to communicate across the facility, and offers a wide variety of channels to tune into. NTF and CI will use this to coordinate across the map, but anyone may be listening in.


The ammometer, it’s model commonly being confused with an ammobox, is a machine with a screen displaying all the types of ammo your character currently has on him, as ammo is not stored in the inventory. I suspect this item will be changed or removed as the game matures.


The disarmer is given to NTF and CI members, and is used to bound unsuspecting targets. This removed their entire inventory, and disallows them to pick anything up. This weapon is extremely overwhelming against unsuspecting targets, and massively underused within the game itself.


The keycard is the most important item in the game. The keycard allows you access to different points in the facilty, and is your only key to moving around and escaping. In the game, the keycard works in different tiers and levels. The tiers include military, containment officer, scientist, and administration. Each offer different types of accesses as you progress through the levels. The O5 keycard, or Overseer card, is the highest level keycard in the game. The only way to level up a keycard is through SCP-914, which will be detailed later.



The facility is divided into three zones, excluding the surface. The first is the Light Containment Zone. This is where low-risk SCPs spawn, researchers do work, D-Class are contained, and many other things that require low security. This is generally the safest area in the facility.

The second zone is the Heavy Containment Zone. This is where security is at it’s maximum, with blast doors, heavy metal walls, keycard locks, and high-risk SCPs. This is one of the more dangerous areas, as two dangerous SCP’s spawn here, and NTF, CI, and other players tend to meet here.

The third zone is the Entrance Zone. This is a generally lax area with high clearance requirements, lots of conveniance, recreational zones, and administrative areas. This is also the zone connected to the exit gates. This would normally be the safest area of the facility, if it weren’t where the NTF and CI usually have large battles, and where the D-Class frantically try to escape from. This is also where SCP’s tend to end up once the Light Containment zone dries up during the mid-game.

D-Class Spawn

This room is filled with prisoner doors, which open when containing a D-Class. All D-Class spawn here at the beginning of the game, therefore making it a huge target for SCP-173. It is advised to get out of this room as fast as possible, or find a friend in there and go with them.


The hallways are the most common rooms in the game, and serve to connect all of the other rooms together. They will never contain anything at the start of the game, but may have good loot once the battles begin. There are different styles of allway, such as three and four way halls. They also change appearance in different zones, such as in Heavy and Light Containment, and the Entrance Zone.

SCP-173’s Chamber

SCP-173’s Containment Chamber is in the Light Containment Zone. It consists of a large room with a blast door, this being SCP-173’s spawn, a viewing area inaccessable to players, and a little area connecting to a hallway. This area is a dead end, and only serves as a spawn point for SCP-173.


This is one of the most important rooms in the game. SCP-914 serves as the only way to change the level of cards. It requires a low level keycard to enter the blast door, and you should shut it once you are in. This room will be sought out by almost all human classes, so extreme caution is advised. There are five settings on the machine: Rough, Course, 1:1, Fine, and Very Fine. 1:1 changes the tier of a card, but keeps the level. Fine upgrades the card one level, or keeps it the same if it is at max level. Course decreases the card one level, or keeps it the same if it is at bottom level. Rough decreases it alot, with a random factor. Very Fine increases it alot with a random factor. To get the top tier keycard, the O5 Card, you must change your card to the ‘Administration’ tier, and then upgrade it to level five.

The Surface

The Surface is the largest ‘room’ in the game, and has many important areas inside of it. The CI and NTF both spawn on different sides of the surface, and are separated by a blast door which can be opened later into the game. This area also contains the Alpha Warhead room, which will be detailed later, and the escape area for D-Class and Scientists.

Alpha Warhead

This room is the most ‘powerful’ room in the game, and, characteristically, can only be accessed with an Overseer keycard. The room is on the Surface, on the side of the street near the entrance to the stairs. Inside the room, there are two keycard slots and a red button. Strangely enough, you only need to put an Overseer card into one slot to open the red button’s glass cover. Once you press the button, a voice will come over the intercom announcing a ninety second countdown until the Alpha Warhead detonates. Once detonation is reached, everyone inside of the facility is killed. On the surface, there is a deep rumble, and any attempts to open the elevator to reenter the facility result in the doors not opening, despite the doors still making a sound like they are opening.

SCP-106’s Chamber

This is SCP-106’s spawn. It is a large room, with a containment chamber in the middle. It is in the Heavy Containment zone, and should be avoided due to it’s confusingly large nature and odds of SCP-106 being attracted to it.

SCP-049’s Chamber

SCP-049, like SCP-106, spawns in his chamber in the Heavy Containment. There is nothing useful here, it is just a box with a big door and an angry SCP’s spawn.

The Armory

The Armory can only be opened by a keycard with the ‘Armory’ access allowed. It consists of a few weapons, ammo, ammometers, and many grenades. It is in the Light Containment Zone.

The Intercom Room

The Intercom Room is one of the more unique rooms in the game, and appears in the Entrance Zone. It has a keycard door with a high administrative requirement, a ramp leading up to a computer room, and a screen with text on it. If the screen says ready, a player can use voice chat to broadcast their voice across the facility for a set amount of time specified by the server (The default is twenty seconds.) After they stop talking in game, the screen switches to a timer, counting down until the next time someone can use it. The timer is also specified by the server (The default is one hundred twenty seconds.) Be careful when using this room. It can provide to be an extremely useful tool, but you are also literally broadcasting your position to everyone in the facility.


Checkpoints are two large blastdoors with bulletproof windows on either side. These doors automatically shut if they are left open for a certain amount of time, and are used to connect different zones to each other. Depending on the door, they require different levels of access to traverse. They broadcast an audible beep when unlocked.


Bathrooms are sometimes accessable from hallways. There is a girls and boys room, each with one stall door open. Occasionally, there is a keycard present on the counter. This is present in the tutorial.

Desk Rooms

Desk Rooms are rooms filled to the brink with office desks, most likely used by workers in normal days. Occasionally, keycards can be found on the desks.

Lift Room

The main Lift Room can only be accessed by elevator, or from the zone it is connected to. It is consists of four elevators, split into Lift A Section and Lift B Section. These elevators are used to traverse between the three zones.


Gate A and Gate B lead to the surface. Both lead to opposite sides of the surface via elevator, and can be found in the Entrance Zone.


  • To use a keycard, open your inventory and equip it. Then press E on the card reader. Make sure you have sufficient access.
  • When playing SCP-173, hold W even if you can’t move, because the blinking timeframe is barely half a second. 
  • SCP-049 is objectively the most dangerous SCP in the game as of yet, and should be avoided at all costs. 
  • As a scientist, working with D-Class is a decent idea until you meet up with NTF.
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