SCP: Secret Laboratory – Gameplay Tips & Tricks

A basic guide showing helpful Tips, Tricks and some basics when playing SCP:SL online and the tutorials!

First Starting / Basics

All credit goes to Agent doub1e o™!

Do the tutorials.

It’s not much to ask. Other basics that the tutorials won’t teach you though is…

  • Voice Chat: {KEY: Q} This can be annoying at many… many times… but you must always use this to your advantage. Having a mic and using it as a MTF Lieutenant or MTF Commander you can easiliy give orders and let others know what to do and to stick near etc.
  • Communication: This applies to ALL classes, whether you are a Class D or MTF this can be really important. Class D communication should go where everyone is talking if there is a nearby threat or if they located a key card and SCP 914.
  • Starting Class: Anything can happen here really, all depends what server you join and when you join it. If you join when a match is ending you will likely start a match as a Class D, Scientist or SCP. Joining a game mid way or that has already started will most likely end with you being either MTF or Chaos Insurgent. Make sure to know what you are and what your friends and foes look like before shooting or trying to kill just anyone.

Gameplay Tips

  • 1) Doors can really help you or hurt you if used a certain way. In some cases where 079 is there then you must make sure most doors around are open and you have other escape routes if you aare caught by a SCP or an MTF off guard.
  • 2) Doors can also really screw you over if you are with others and they decide to close them on you while on the run from something or someone. 
  • 3) Last thing about doors (For now :D) is that they can REALLY help against running from SCPs and foes. Yes 106 can walk through doors, but the doors still slow him down quite a lot actually so using this to get away and maybe find a spot to hide is the best way to get out of a situation like that. Same goes for MTF, CI, Armed Class D/Researcher, etc. 
  • 4) Do not think you are all high and mightly as ANY class, even if you are a SCP. SCPs can be quickly taken down by a well combined MTF or CI Force. MTF can be taken down by experinced Class D who know their way with the weapons and combat. Class D can be taken down the same way if not careful. As each class it’s best to stick together in every situation other than maybe fleeing from an SCP. 
  • 5) As an SCP do not underestimate your own power of what you can do. 106 can use the corriosion for faster key transport like if you wanted to put a spot near your chamber so you don’t get contained you must place it near the button to guard and then use it when you feel someone is about to press it. 049 can make an entire army of 400 hp zombies that can easily take down anyone by suprise. 
  • 6) As a Chaos PLEASE know the difference between another CI and a MTF. CI = FRIENDLY MTF = NOT FRIENDLY. Being teamkilled is not a fun way to go out. 
  • 7) As a MTF, Read 6 and vise versa… 🙂 
  • 8) s a MTF Lieutenant, command who is lower than you. let people know what you are doing or what plans you have if you know the basic area and directions. 
  • 9) As a MTF Commander, same thing as Lieutenant but you also command them. Please do use your card as much as you can to get you and your squad down to Heavy Containment Zone (HCZ) and eliminate as many SCPs as possible and maybe keep 2-4 people remain in Entrence Zone (EZ) to make sure no Class D or SCPs reach the surface. 
  • 10) Being a Class D can go many ways and some options are better than others but it all depends in what type of lobby you are in with others. Most of the time the Class D are all just trying to hog whatever they can to escape which ends in them recklessly all dying. Use taht to your advantage if you are in that type of game and try to slip by or get what they dropped but also only take what you need. 
  • 10b) If the others are also communicating and trying to play it safe then try to work with them to get what you all need which is a high level card. Find ANY card and then find SCP 914. You are now already this close to escapng! If you did the tutorial then this should be easy to find out how to get it to a O5 Level Card. 
  • 11) Do not touch or mess with something you do not know. That simple!
  • 12) Tesla Gates are more useful then you think and can help you lose your chasers quickly. 
  • 13) Take your time on the Tesla Gates and do not try to rush past them which can lead to a quick instant death that you will most likely not be happy about.

Easter Eggs and Funny Finds!

So me and my friend VERY recently found this really cool and funny little thing in the 914 tutorial and decided to make this entire guide but also include this. I will add more if there is more that I find or that is possibly added in the next updates or patches.

914 Tutorial Unpreventable

There are some really cool and funny lines the narrator / speaker will say if you do some certain steps that few have actually found out or realized. I will be showing how you can get these little lines and get to know about it a bit more! Recommened to finish all of the tutorials first then come back to this.

This may take a bit but it’s worth it!

First, Click Tutorials

Second, Select 914’s Tutorial

Third, Let the speaker speak until he drops the card and then pick it up and make sure you see this…

Fourth, Drop the Janitor card in the “Input” / Left side

Fifth, Use 914 and the speaker should say something about making a mistake which is fine and he will grant you a new card.

Sixth, Destroy the new card again and you will get another line

Seventh, Do it again!

Eighth, and again!

Nineth, RIP CARDS. Listen to what he has to say. (Not gunna spoil it! Do it yourself)

Tenth, Congrats. Don’t say anything to anyone and show your friends to experince this too! :3

914 Tutorial Nothing Interesting

This one is another quick gag you can do before finishing the tutorial.

First, Click Tutorials

Second, Select 914’s Tutorial

Third, Get a Tier 4 card however you like. (Preferably a MTF Commander’s Card.)

Fourth, Run to the starting area, hold out the MTF Commander Card and open the door that is in the back.

Fitfh, Once the door opens congrats listen closely and share this with your friends to see for themselves! 🙂

Note: Not sure if there REALLY is anything back there other than what he says, I wasn’t able to find much else in that area.

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