Portal Knights – Make Money Fast

Simple guide on how to make a lot of money very fast. I spend 1,000gp and make about 24,000gp in about 3 minutes each time I do this.

Items Needed

Speak to the trader Razzo in Fort Finch (1-03) and buy 50 of the Explosion Bombs. At 20gp each it will cost you 1,000gp.

Alternatively, you can just use a Drill for this.

Tomb of C’thiris

Head to the Tomb of C’thiris or anywhere else that has Large Stone Bricks Block. I like to do it here because I do this before I start a C’thiris run for Energy Crystals.

Throw your Explosion Bombs at the temple and pick up the blocks.

The place should be destroyed when you are done and you should have about 1,000 of Large Stone Bricks Block.

Portal Knights - Make Money Fast

Selling the Blocks

Head back to Razzo and sell all the Large Stone Bricks Block.

Portal Knights - Make Money Fast

As you can see, they sell for 24 gp each. 200 sell for 4,800gp. For each 20gp bomb you throw, if you get 20 blocks you just made 480gp. If you leave the tomb with 1,000 blocks, which you get very fast, you make 24,000gp each run.

I do this to buy ingredients for potions instead of farming them and other items.

Now buy more Explosion Bombs and do it again!

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