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You won’t get all Travel Guides during the natural course of the storyline: for some, you’ll have to work for, for others you’ll have to explore a bit.

They all contain useful information, either about in-game tips or lore.

Travel Tips
Automatically obtained upon starting the game.

Greensprout Tips
Hana Valley. After learning Bloom, bloom the cursed patch of ground just before the bridge as you’re leaving.

Digging Tips
Hana Valley. Fight the Imps having a feast again, on the island there’ll be the chest containing this guide.

Fleeing Battle
Appears in front of Shinshu Field’s Guardian Sapling after you restore it.

Feeding Tips
Located beside the entrance to Agata Forest, in Shinshu Field. Also near a group of boars and boar piglets.

Legend of Orochi
Right in front of Tama’s house.

Enhancing Weapons
In front of Tsuta Ruins’ entrance.

Battle Tips
Beside Kiba, the Demon Fang merchant.

Enhancing Divinity
Tsuta Ruins, the chest opposite to the origin mirror, as soon as you enter.

Godhood Tips
Inner Tsuta Ruins, on the steps leading to the Spider Queen’s room.

Ink Bullet Tips
Agata Forest, after crossing the river towards Taka Pass.

Brush Tips
Galestorm Shrine, on the edge of the western path when you rotate the windmill platforms.

Mother Tree
Taka Pass. On the left of the bridge there’s a staircase and below it you’ll find this travel guide.

Land of the Gods
The chest on the right in Rao’s room.

Celestial Envoy
Ryoshima Coast, inside the Sunken Ship. It’s among the chests you find in the first section.

Veil of Mist Tech
Requires buying the Fog Pot from the Emperor at the price of 80 Demon Fangs. This will give you access to Warp, an additional Brush technique that will allow you to use Kasugami’s powers to fast travel through mirrors.

Holy Artifacts
In the Queen’s palace, right before the lava room.

Northen Land
In one of the branching sides of the Queen’s palace.

Inferno Tech
Requires learning Fireburst from Sei’an City’s chef. In turn, this will require obtaining the Golden Mushroom by returning the Golden Teapot to the Teahouse Owner in Taka Pass. To do so you’ll have to “play tag” with the Moles, and succeed.

Mark of Kabegami
Catcall Tower, near the base.

Galestorm Tech
Requires learning Whirlwind. To do so, you’ll need to obtain a Marlin Rod and have access to Orca, so you can travel to one of the islands in North Ryoshima Coast, the one with the dock. Talk with the fisherman and together you’ll fish a Marlin. Take the fish back to Umi.

Power Slash 2
Requires upgrading Power Slash into Power Slash 2. In one of the islands, you’ll find an hidden underground spring where you can offer Yen. Selecting the most expensive option 3 times will make Tachigami appear.

Cherry Bomb 2
Similar to Power Slash 2. Again, you’ll find an hidden underground spring, and offering the most money you can 3 times will make Bakugami appear.

Watersprout Tech 1
Appears after learning Whirpool in the Dragon Palace. I recommend you check the Diggin’ Itachievement.

Watersprout Tech 2
Appears after learning Deluge. After defeating Ninetails, go back to the Queen’s Palace. Behind it, you’ll find Himiko’s attendant and a pool. Do as she asks and Nuregami will appear.

Thunderstorm Tech
Appears after learning Thunderbolt. To do so you’ll need to beat Hayate in Shinshu Field in all 3 races, after defeating Ninetails. This will earn you the Gimmick Gear. Head to Sei’an City aristocratic quarters and on the left you’ll see a tall, odd tower. Climb it with Catwalk and talk with Gen.

Another Civilization
Ezofuji, right beside the save mirror next to the altar.

Cherry Bomb 3
Like Cherry Bomb 2. The spring is in Kamui, beside the Guardian Sapling. You’ll need Vine to jump up the platform and Cherry Bomb 2 to open up the passage.

Tribe of the Moon
Kamui. On the west side of the map there’s a cave. You’ll recognize it: the music will change as you enter and you’ll see a fair amount of bats hanging from the ceiling. Explore it.

Power Slash 3
Like Power Slash 2. In Ezofuji, climb up towards the Wawku Shrine’s entrance, but keep an eye out for your surroundings. When you see a platform with a rock you can break with Power Slash 2, drop down to it.

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