Euro Truck Simulator 2 – How to Fix a Glitch Rain

A few months ago I was playing ETS2 and it started to rain the weird thing is that the rain had a glitch, which caused that in the inner camera the car was “distorted” or something like that. Which caused me to start looking for a solution and well now I want to share it.

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Steps to Fix the Problem

  1. Go to Documents.
  2. Enter Euro Truck Simulator.
  3. Find the file “reconfig” and open it with the notebook.
  4. Search for “uset g_hq_3d_scale”.
  5. Instead of the “0” you put the “2”.
  6. Now look for “uset g_hq_3d_screenshot” and instead of “0.0” you put the “2”.
  7. Save and ready enter the ETS2.

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